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Nature therapy in Costa Rica

Reflections from the 2020-21 Bodhi Surf + Yoga Camp Season

Well, it’s October 2021, and we did it. We successfully completed the 2020-21 season. A season like no other, one that we weren’t even sure would take place. It ended up being one of the best and most surprising and memorable seasons of our nearly twelve-year history. After thinking that perhaps we wouldn’t make it…
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Yoga and anxiety

Can Anxiety Help Our Yoga Practice?

It has been said that the practice of yoga can highly contribute to alleviating anxiety disorders. Yet is the opposite true as well? Can anxiety help us somehow to go deeper into our yoga practice? In short, I think it can. Here are the reasons why I believe that, as well as a bit about…
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Happiness in challence

Coping With Tough Times: A Daily Mantra For Positive Thinking

“Make of this situation an enjoyable experience.” -Daily Mantra For Positive Thinking During the Covid-19 lockdown, a very powerful thought came into my mind. In the midst of that a strange and difficult moment, when it felt as though normal life had been turned upside down, and many of us were stuck in high-stress situations–often…
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Food Systems Respond to Covid-19

Reflections on our Global Food System in the Covid-19 Era

One of the many takeaways from the global Covid-19 pandemic will be how our current food system has failed us. The jarring images of empty grocery store shelves and videos of fistfights in the aisles will take their spot in the history books. Yet hopefully, we will remember this as the moment things changed for…
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Bodhi Lodge in Bahia Ballena Costa Rica

Cost vs. Value: Lessons in Discernment

It’s been a while since I have written a blog. Although since childhood I have loved to read and write, thankfully, our team has been growing and we have much better writers among us. So I have left that blogging to those who do a better job than I. But today, I have something to…
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Witnessing the Growing Movement at the 2019 B Corp Champions Retreat

For the third year in a row, I had the great privilege of visiting a prominent North American city to attend the B Corp Champions Retreat. This year, the annual gathering of mission-driven leaders of the B Corp community was held in Los Angeles, California. It was the 12th year in a row that this…
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