Bodhi Sessions: 7 Night Adult Surf + Yoga Camp

The pinnacle of Bodhi Surf + Yoga is our holistic surf and yoga camp — a week-long, set-date, semi-inclusive vacation that invites you to surf, stretch, breathe, and sweat while learning about the environment, engaging with the community, and having lots of fun!

Bodhi Sessions Includes


  • 6 nights at the Bodhi lodge
  • 1 night in a San Jose hotel


  • 5 surf lessons
  • 5 yoga classes
  • Yoga mat and prop use


  • 5 breakfasts
  • 3 dinners
  • Snacks at surf lessons


  • Walking tour of Bahia Ballena
  • Waterfall visit
  • One hour massage


  • Round trip transportation
    from San Jose and back
  • Shuttle service from San Jose hotel to airport


  • 1 unscheduled day
  • Traveler carbon offsets
  • National park entrance fees for surf lessons
  • Travelers' Philanthropy donation

Bodhi Sessions Does Not Include

  • Airfare
  • Cost of optional activities
  • Transportation to optional activities
  • Lunches
  • 1 breakfast
  • 4 dinners


Prices are per person in USD

Room Amistad

Private room that accommodates 2 people


*For a limited time only.
(includes 13% VAT)

Room Amistad

A private room with two single beds that can accommodate up to 2 guests. Room Amistad is located on a second story above the dining area, Alegria. It is a great option for friends traveling together. 

Room Armonia

Private room that accommodates 2 people



*For a limited time only.
(includes 13% VAT)

Room Armonia

A private hotel-style room with a full-sized bed which can accommodate up to 2 people. Armonia is located on a second story, above the dining area, Alegria. It is the best choice for solo travelers.

Bungalow Espiritu

Independent bungalow that can accommodate up to 2 people



*For a limited time only.
(includes 13% VAT)

Bungalow Espiritu

An independent studio-style bungalow that contains one queen bed and a small kitchenette. The perfect choice for a couple.

Bungalow Gratitud

Independent bungalow that can accommodate up to 4 people



*For a limited time only.
(includes 13% VAT)

Bungalow Gratitud

Gratitud has one queen bed, two single beds, one daybed and a well-equipped kitchenette. It is the best choice for a family or group up to 4 people.



Non-toxic sunscreen for the family
If you are considering a vacation at Bodhi, I urge you to do both surfing and yoga. In fact, I urge you to commit your whole week to doing both. We are so thankful that we did five days of each!


Minnesota, USA

Surfing and yoga, together

After decades of surfing and yoga experience, we know that the two are a perfect match in every way. For that reason, there are an equal number of both activities in our weekly surf and yoga camps. During your Bodhi Sessions week, you will go through surfing and yoga curricula that are designed to complement one another and to facilitate your learning process physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Not only that, we the owners of Bodhi Surf + Yoga are also your surf and yoga instructors — we are experienced, passionate, and competent practitioners, and more importantly, patient and enthusiastic teachers. Our topmost goal is that you really learn both yoga and surfing, and walk away with great memories and new skills.

A different kind of vacation

Bodhi Sessions will provide you with a unique travel experience, one that leaves you feeling enriched and rejuvenated after a one-of-a-kind adventure in a pristine area of the world. In the spirit of experiential learning, you will both learn and do, be active in an outdoor classroom, and achieve personal goals.

Bodhi Sessions also exemplifies an “off-the-beaten-path” kind of tourism that focuses on community engagement, cultural exchange, and immersion into the local way of life. We provide just enough structure to keep you active and just enough flexibility to allow personal growth, friendship-building, and some much needed rest and relaxation!

Using business for good

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we have opted to create a business that does good for people and planet. Corporate responsibility has been woven into our business development and operations since we started in 2010, and this was reaffirmed when we recertified as a B Corporation for the second time in 2020 and continued our work as a company that “[uses] the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”.

Most important, we are happy to be a small, owner-operated business that personally assures the satisfaction of our guests and takes the initiative to better our local and global communities.





With Bodhi Sessions, our flagship yoga and surf camp option, we’ve considered everything — all that is included (or not) is deliberate and aims to provide you with the “best of Bodhi” experience. During your Bodhi Sessions week, you will participate in a total of 10 activities — 5 surf lessons and 5 yoga classes.

On top of your surfing and yoga sessions, you will also have the opportunity to take a guided walking tour around the community of Bahia Ballena and learn about our community’s history, development, and challenges; visit a local waterfall and take in the lush jungle scenery; and enjoy a day off to either rest and recharge or participate in another activity or tour!


Daily breakfast (except on your free day) and three dinners are included in your week-long stay in Bahia Ballena to provide a sense of sharing and community at the Bodhi lodge, while also giving you the opportunity to sample the local fare and support our community’s economy. Also included: a much-needed, hour-long massage after all the physical activity you will be doing!


Bodhi Sessions is a community engaged surf and yoga camp designed for travelers who want to disconnect from their routine and spend time “recharging their batteries” in Bahia Ballena — a quaint community with vast, sandy beaches, and stunning viridescent scenery.

The main aims of the week are to keep you actively experiencing the area so you may return home feeling physically fit and mentally rejuvenated, as well as to provide you with a variety of opportunities to meet new people and have different experiences, so that upon your departure, you will have many new connections and wonderful memories to take home with you!

Certified B Corporation


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