Why Women Should Learn How to Surf

Women's surf in Costa Rica

Each surfer has their own reason for waking up each day and deciding to grab a board and paddle out. As a woman who caught her first waves at a young age, the exact reason I keep going back for more changes through the years and evolves as I do. When I was a young…

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Is Surfing a Sport? And Why it Matters

Surfer girl in Costa Rica

To quickly answer this question: yes, surfing is a sport according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Surfing made its official debut as an olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, there is controversy about this topic which remains, since surfing isn’t only a competitive sport — it’s so much more. Many practitioners don’t…

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A Simple Yoga Practice for Surfers

Bhujangasana Asana

Regardless of if you are someone who is interested in learning how to surf or an intermediate or advanced surfer, you should seriously consider starting a yoga practice. You can do it at home, or attend beginner classes at a local yoga studio. We recommend you go at least once a week. Even better yet,…

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The Untold History of Surfing

Surfing is for everyone

There is a common narrative which tells the true history of surfing, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. When we paint the complete picture, the entire surfing community benefits by getting a greater perspective on surfing’s cultural, spiritual, and historical roots. While part of this great surf story does take place in Hawaii, it’s…

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Is Surfing Dangerous?

Learn surf safety

While there are many dangers involved in surfing, it’s not the most extreme sport — think mountaineering, base jumping, boxing, or rugby. So yes, there are risks, but there’s also hope! In this article, we will uncover not only what the dangers of surfing are, but how we can stay safe, and why experienced surfers…

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