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We are Bodhi Surf Sociedad Anonima (or Bodhi Surf Limited Liability Corporation in English), a surf and yoga camp in Costa Rica, founded in 2010 by four friends with a shared vision to utilize our skills and passions to create positive change in the world. We are located in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Puntarenas, a small town on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast that is still relatively-untouched by large-scale development, where you can experience the “Pura Vida” way of life amidst breathtaking scenery, and where jungle, ocean, and mountains meet.

The word “bodhi” is Sanskrit for “awareness”, and that is exactly what we at Bodhi Surf + Yoga hope that our guests gain: a deeper insight into the lifestyles of surfing and yoga, a mind-body-earth connection, and knowledge about our little community in Costa Rica.

Bodhi offers experiential learning vacations, and allows guests to delve deep into both surfing and yoga. Our pinnacle vacation package, Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camps, are different than traditional surf camps or yoga retreats in that they feature an equal number of each activity — we have learned that it is by doing these activities together, and with qualified instructors, that people have the best possible learning experience. Our surf and yoga curricula are structured to feature ample theory, time for questions, instructor demonstrations, practice sessions, and instructor feedback; the results are that students see real progression and become both independent and confident in their skills.

Admittedly, Bodhi Surf + Yoga offers a different kind of vacation than is considered typical. The Bodhi experience promotes responsible tourism, embraces the concept of community, and brings guests closer to nature by providing them with powerful experiences in a pristine natural setting. We offer our guests a holistic and unique vacation that inspires them to see the world, and their role in it, in a new way.



Bodhi Surf + Yoga has had a strong tradition of Corporate Responsibility since our inception, and that was further solidified in November of 2016 when we became a Certified B Corporation. B Corps are companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and harness the potential of their businesses to find solutions to social and environmental problems in their communities, both local and global. Since 2010, we have worked to build it into more than just a business that sustains its owners and employees, and have been guided by our own principles, initiatives, and the great examples that have been set before us. We believe that the standard of doing business is changing, and we are excited to be a part of this movement.

Certified B Corporation


Learn what makes Bodhi different from other surf and yoga camps

The backstory (part of it)

Why we do it (and love it)

Our home, the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has some of the country’s most biodiverse terrestrial and marine conservation areas. This not only provides a great attraction for visitors to the area, but it also gives us a one-of-a-kind learning environment. Many people decide to visit Bodhi for a week-long surfing and yoga vacation because it sounds like a fun and unique kind of vacation in a beautiful and pristine place. After many years of developing and perfecting our business, we are accomplished at delivering on that expectation; however, we go above and beyond by delving deep into the surfing and yoga lifestyles, and by helping our guests set and work towards their own personal goals. The most important element of our work is to set the stage for our guests to have profound learning experiences — these may come from riding waves, achieving a yoga pose, or simply being in a different environment. Our hope is that these unique experiences will light a spark of inspiration in our guests — something we believe is the best souvenir they could take home.

An underlying point in the development of Bodhi Surf + Yoga has been to create a company that does more than just provide fleeting surf and yoga experiences or cash in on an opportunity. For that reason, highlighting the remarkable nature of our location is such an important aspect of what we do. We want our guests to connect with our local community and experience the “Pura Vida” way of life, as we believe that it is such a special characteristic — one that promotes living simply, peace and tranquility, and light-hearted fun. We also want to build awareness about the marine environment which is vital to both surfers and non-surfers alike. As residents of this one-of-a-kind area, we want to take advantage of this special opportunity that we have to help foster a connection between it and our guests, and utilize it as the most awesome kind of classroom for “a-ha!” moments to occur.

How we came together

The four founders of Bodhi were all born in different countries, and many wonder, how is it that we came together to form our business? Founders Gibran Garcia and Travis Bays first me during a study abroad program in Madrid, Spain. Although it was nearly the end of college for both, they began a friendship based on mutual values and interests: surfing, entrepreneurship, ecotourism, community development, and social justice. Next, Gibran and Adrianne Chandra-Huff met in San Blas, Nayarit — Gibran’s hometown — and after a whirlwind romance, were married within a year. Travis and Pilar Salazar met through mutual friends when they were both living and working in San Jose, Costa Rica, and, after a whirlwind romance of their own, were also married, and now have two beautiful daughters.

All four founders share a conviction about what we want to see happen in the world, as well as how we want to run our business. We each have had very distinct life experiences, and thus each offers a unique approach to the development and implementation of Bodhi Surf + Yoga. As owners and operators of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we are stoked to run a truly international business and are always excited to learn from our guests (who, excitingly, come from all around the world to visit us), and hear their stories, experiences, opinions, and suggestions. More than anything, we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunities that Bodhi has given us: to develop personally and professionally, to make a living doing what we love, to utilize our business as a force for positive change, and to meet and make friendships with amazing people from all over the world.

The Bodhi Surf + Yoga Team


Adrianne Chandra-Huff

Bodhi Socialite
Adrianne is the fun-seeker, socialite, and youthfulness of Bodhi Surf + Yoga. Her love of writing has made her Bodhi's content writer/editor and principal blogger. Her ideal day would feature equal parts relaxation, laughter, delicious food consumption, and outdoor play time.

Pilar Salazar

Pilar is the grounding energy for Bodhi Surf + Yoga; her calm composure and “Pura Vida” vibe are evident to all who meet her. She works hard to incorporate fluid breath, graceful movements, and light-hearted “Pura Vida” fun into her teachings.

Travis Bays

Social Entreprenuer
Travis wears many hats for Bodhi Surf + Yoga. He acts as one of our surf instructors, coordinates daily operations, and leads in business development. As a Peace Corps volunteer he focused on small-business development and helped guide local community members in the creation of their own micro-credit bank.


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Bodhi Surf + Yoga is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility.


When it comes to surf and yoga vacations, Bodhi Surf + Yoga is unique and in a class of its own!

Certified B Corporation


Learn what makes Bodhi different from other surf and yoga camps

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