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Whether you are just getting started surfing in the white water, learning to stand up and turn, or are an intermediate surfer looking to advance your surf game… this surf hub is for you. We have a wealth of resources that we have compiled for you in our decade plus of being an award-winning surf and yoga camp!


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You are just starting to play in white water waves, but aren’t comfortable going beyond chest-deep water. You struggle to catch white water waves and don’t really understand how to read the ocean to select and catch waves on your own. You haven’t yet mastered stalling and accelerating the surfboard or turning it intentionally. Your functional surf stance needs refinement. And as for paddling — whew. You find it so challenging, you can’t even think to crack a smile. Sound like you? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Surf Retreat in Costa Rica


You are just now starting to experience the stoke of catching unbroken waves and can comfortably stand on the board. While you may not have yet mastered the skills to paddle through the white water efficiently and safely, you can get out there… eventually. You still struggle to understand how to read and time waves, and you may not know the difference between trimming and carving turns. We understand because we’ve been there before; don’t sweat it, in no time we will have you Smiling While You Paddle.

Surfing Fundamentals

Skill Level

Beginner, you are playing in the white water.

What You’ll Learn

We are passionate and professional surf instructors that care about you and your surf goals. In our instruction, we do not skip any steps. In addition to teaching you the skills necessary to ride waves, we also impart the following:

  • How to choose and manage the appropriate equipment
  • Ocean wave knowledge (how waves form, and the different types that exist)
  • Surf etiquette, history, and culture
  • How to be a benevolent ocean steward.

Check out the resources below to start your learn to surf journey with us!

Intermediate Surfer

Skill Level

Intermediate, you are comfortably standing on the board and learning to catch unbroken (blue/green waves).


What You’ll Learn

You are just now starting to experience the stoke of catching unbroken waves. Now it’s time to better understand the following:

  • How to generate and read a surf report
  • Paddle technique and proficiency 
  • How to stand correctly and turn your board with purpose

That’s where we come in. You now need to learn about wave knowledge as well as improve your understanding of surf etiquette and the different types of surf breaks to get you to the next level. You might even consider starting a surf fitness program to build your strength and flexibility!


Bodysurfing is a great way to gain confidence and awareness in the ocean by learning how to swim through the impact zone and surf waves in the simplest way possible — without a surfboard. Learn essential ocean knowledge, including how to avoid potential hazards such as rip currents, stingrays, and other marine life to identify a safe zone to enter the ocean, how to swim out through and dive under waves in the impact zone, and how to ride waves back to shore using nothing more than your body. Is your interest piqued? Look no further!

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Free Series

Learn to Surf | “The Bodhi Path”

Get detailed and step-by-step surf instruction with Bodhi Surf instructor, Spencer Dunlap. The Bodhi Path is the same curriculum that our students follow during a week-long Bodhi Sessions: Adult Surf + Yoga Camp. Experience a taste of our award-winning Costa Rican surf and yoga camp experience, right from your living room today.

In this series, you’ll learn:

Session 1: Your surfboard & equipment

Session 2: How to enter the ocean and ride waves

Session 3: How to turn your surfboard (prone position)

Surfing at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

The Bodhi Wave: A Documentary about Better Business and Responsible Consumption

In 2016, we were the subjects of a documentary film called The Bodhi Wave. Toronto filmmaker Jazeen Hollings spent three months at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, looking for answers to the following questions: How is a small surf and yoga camp located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica inspiring its guests to fall more…
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Surf Lessons In A Marine National Park

One of the greatest attractions we have in Bahia Ballena – Uvita is the Ballena Marine National Park. The park has a terrestrial extension of nearly half a square mile and a marine extension of nearly twenty-one square miles, and is one of the major tourist attractions in the South Pacific due to the number…
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Yoga for New Surfers: Why and How the Board and Mat Must Meet

Want to learn how to surf? Try yoga first. “If waves are the practice of water, and thoughts the practice of mind, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all learned to surf?” Jaimal Yogis Yoga is a highly transferable practice that has a myriad of physical benefits that will undoubtedly help you learn how to…
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Similarities Between Surfing and Yoga

Recently I took a surf lesson with my beautiful hubby, one of the many benefits of being married to a Bodhi Surf instructor. I am still in the learning phase so the lesson consisted of theoretical instruction as well as lots of paddling and falling, but needless to say, I had a wonderful time. I…
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Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, when the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were first developed during the Paris Climate Accord, Bodhi Surf + Yoga was celebrating our fifth anniversary and quickly establishing ourselves as a business committed to environmental stewardship and community resilience. We have always situated ourselves in the global conversation on sustainability, and with our B Corp…
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Finding Flow State Through Surfing + Yoga

In his bestselling book West of Jesus: Surfing, Science, and the Origins of Belief, author Steven Kotler recounts how — after being bedridden for two years and on the brink of death with Lyme disease — he was able to overcome the illness by embarking on an epic globetrotting surf odyssey in search of answers…
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