All co-founders share a conviction about what we want to see happen in the world, as well as how we want to run our business. We each have had very distinct life experiences, and thus each offers a unique approach to the development and implementation of Bodhi Surf + Yoga. As owners and operators of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we are stoked to run a truly international business and are always excited to learn from our guests (who, excitingly, come from all around the world to visit us), and hear their stories, experiences, opinions, and suggestions. More than anything, we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunities that Bodhi has given us: to develop personally and professionally, to make a living doing what we love, to utilize our business as a force for positive change, and to meet and make friendships with amazing people from all over the world.

Travis Bays

Co-Founder + Surf Instructor

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, Travis Bays is known as the connector and the “ideas guy”, always dreaming up new projects to take on, finding ways to connect (or connect with) individuals and movements, and looking for ways to improve himself and everything around him. A former Peace Corp Costa Rica volunteer who spent his two service years in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica, Travis feels privileged to have been able to start a social and environmental impact business in the community that stole his heart and affected his life so positively. Professionally, aside from being a social and environmental entrepreneur, Travis is also a consultant for the Stanford Woods Institute for the environment, and has over 15 years of experience in micro credit community banking, project design and management, and best practices for sustainable tourism. He is a co-founder of SOMOS community foundation, and the Central American Ambassador for the Transformational Travel Council. He is a committed husband and father, ardent surfer, and ocean lover, and enjoys incorporating his passions into his wide array of roles at Bodhi Surf + Yoga.

Pilar Salazar

Co-Founder + Yoga Instructor

Pilar is the grounding energy of the Bodhi Surf + Yoga team. Her calm composure and “Pura Vida” vibe are evident to all who meet her. She has worked in the tourism industry in Costa Rica for nearly two decades, and is so excited to have been able to open her own tourism company in what she considers to be one of the most beautiful areas of her home country. Pilar brings what she has learned in her career, from her myriad of travels all over the globe, and from personal study of world philosophy, into her various roles Bodhi. She is the main yoga teacher, as well as being in charge of administration, human resources, bookings, and logistics. Pilar is passionate about creating a positive, safe, and hospitable workplace for all of Bodhi’s staff. Outside of Bodhi, she is a Board of Directors member of the nonprofit Fundacion Los Valientes. Personally, she is an engaged wife and mother (dance mom!), avid foodie and cook, passionate yoga practitioner, and lifelong student of the human condition.

Adrianne Chandra Huff

Co-Founder + Surf Instructor

Adrianne is the fun-seeker, socialite, and extrovert of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, a fact obvious to all who come into contact with her. She relishes spending time with the Bodhi guests, conversing, teaching, learning, and laughing. Being a creative and linguistically-inclined individual, Adrianne enjoys taking on the tasks of content creation: writing, editing, management of visual content generation. She also loves to create in the kitchen, and has designed the menu and currently manages the Bodhi kitchen. Travel, reading, and surfing are probably the three biggest teachers that Adrianne has ever had, and their presence in her life has undoubtedly altered its course (for the better!). She is a Board of Directors member of the nonprofit Geoporter, the creator of the B Corp Travel and Tourism group, and a former panelist about tourism and responsible business at several conferences and speaking events. Outside of work, Adrianne is a cat mom, a people-lover, a champion for social and environmental justice, and a dance party queen.

Maya Paz Bays

Bodhi Surf + Yoga Helper

Maya is the first daughter of Travis and Pilar, and as such, has already had more exposure to yoga and surfing than most of our guests! She is extremely helpful in operations, with her great attention to detail, outgoing personality, and wisdom beyond her years. Whether it’s helping with table set-up and takedown, double checking the chalkboard schedule, or entertaining and engaging with the guests, Maya is an excellent team player! She is a very curious, intelligent, and independent child who loves nature deeply and abides by the Bodhi principles of respecting and helping preserve the environment. In her spare time, she loves to dance and hang out with her friends.

Clea James Bays

Bodhi Surf + Yoga Helper

As the second daughter of Travis and Pilar, Clea pretty much loves the same things as her sister, and of course, idolizes Maya! She is also helpful around the Bodhi lodge, especially with entertaining the guests with her daredevil antics. She is very inquisitive and adventurous child, she loves nature and being outdoors and especially at the beach. Clea enjoys eating fresh tropical Costa Rican fruits, having dance parties, and doing arts and crafts.


The full-time staff at Bodhi Surf + Yoga: These valuable team members work tirelessly every day to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the Bodhi lodge. They also do so while laughing, singing, dancing, and making everyone around them feel cared for!

Mary Cruz Monge

Housekeeping + Maintenence

Mary Cruz (Mary)'s field of work at Bodhi Surf + Yoga is housekeeping, and has been with the company since 2015. Mary’s bubbly personality, positive attitude, and hard-work ethic contribute to a fun and productive work atmosphere. There seems to be no project that Mary is not willing to take on, she appreciates challenge and the realization of tasks. She greatly enjoys learning, and is completing her education simultaneously with working full-time. She also takes English class, and enjoys practicing her English with Bodhi guests. Mary loves to spend time with her family and explore the area that she now calls home. She loves animals, learning about new cultures, and spending time at the beach!

Fanny Cordero

Chef + Housekeeping

Fanny started working at Bodhi surf + Yoga in 2019. She is in charge of the kitchen and also assists with housekeeping when needed. Fanny has a very positive outlook on both life and work, and enjoys working in a team and helping to take on any challenge or task. She enjoys learning, singing, dancing, and being creative, and is happy to be able to do all of these in her place of work! In her spare time, Fanny is most happy spending time with her kids and taking them on adventures — whether that’s in the mountains or at the coast.

Jimena Amador

Housekeeping + Utility Player

Jimena has been working at Bodhi Surf + Yoga since the end of 2019. Prior to that, she was actually a regular participant at our Surf Saturday community service events. She primarily works as a nanny for Maya and Clea, but also does a variety of other jobs in and around Bodhi Surf + Yoga! She has lived in the community of Bahia Ballena her entire life, and love to hang out with her friends and go to the beach in her free time!

Anki Cramer

Content Creator + Yoga Instructor

Anki started off as an intern at Bodhi Surf + yoga in 2019 while she completed her BA in International Tourism at Stenden University in the Netherlands. She became a full-time staff member that year, and during her time at Bodhi, Anki has worked on a variety of tasks and projects including social media, marketing, video and photo creation, yoga instruction, guest relations, cooking, and more. She is an avid environmentalist, passionate vegan, lover of both surf and yoga, and enthusiastic extrovert. When not creating beautiful photo and video projects, Anki teaches yoga and is the one behind game nights and the organization of fun activities! She also loves reading, dancing, and being in nature.

Spencer Dunlap

Surf Instructor + Blogger

Spencer was introduced to Bodhi through his and Travis’s mutual college baseball coach, and entered the 2015 Ocean Guardian Contest for his campus-wide water-savings project. He began his internship in late 2018, and became a full-time staff member in mid-2019. Spencer’s passions include environmental conservation and surfing/bodysurfing, so he is excited to be able to use them both in his work. He worked to help Bodhi Surf + Yoga in becoming the first surf and yoga camp in the world to go carbon neutral. In his spare time, Spencer loves to be in the ocean, reading a good book with coffee in hand, or hanging with his puppy, Nefta.

George Frost

Sustainability and Concierge Assistant

George is Bodhi Surf + Yoga's first ever intern from Bermuda, and loves sharing his culture with those he meets. Before moving to Costa Rica for his internship, he lived and studied tourism management in the United Kingdom. At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, he works in a myriad of different areas: sustainability, guest relations, blog-writing, and food. These align with his passions: nature, people, and food. He also loves traveling, football (AKA soccer), and music!

Carly Stoenner

Surf Instructor + English Teacher

Carly started working at Bodhi Surf + Yoga in multiple capacities in late 2021: as a surf instructor, an English teacher to Bodhi Surf + Yoga's Spanish-speaking staff, and a blogger. She is a passionate, avid, lifelong surfer and has former experience with UCLA Youth Programs & Marina Aquatic Center and Rustic Pathways. She is a multi-talented teacher who brings the best possible energy and vibes to the various subjects that she instructs. Fun fact: she is also a NOLS-trained outdoor educator and guide and a former Peace Corps Nicaragua volunteer. Carly embodies the Bodhi Surf + Yoga ethos of spending time in and falling in love with the great outdoors, and applying that passion to all that she does in life.


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