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Bodysurfing in Costa Rica

4 Ways Bodysurfing Makes You a Better Surfer

Bodysurfing undoubtedly makes you a better surfer and waterwoman. Learning to catch waves with little more than your body connects you in a very special way to the ocean, certainly. But there are other ways as well! We believe that, no matter what level you are at with board surfing (and especially if you are…
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Surf Film Festival Line-Up

Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s Ultimate Water, Wave-Sliding, and Surf Film Festival Line-up

For the past four years, Bodhi Surf + Yoga has had the unique honor and privilege of having an in-house, in-water surf photographer and videographer — Hannah Walsh. Anyone who has met Hannah knows that she is a light and an absolute delight to be around — always finding ways to spark interesting conversations, fun…
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Learning how to bodysurf

Why You Should Learn How to Bodysurf Before Learning to Surf

When teaching beginner surf lessons, I often find myself having the same thought: “Man, this would be a lot easier if so and so already knew how to bodysurf”. When it comes to learning how to surf, the more ocean experience the better. If you want to reduce your learning curve, then you should spend…
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Bodhi Awaken Bodysurf Retreat

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Bodhi Awaken Bodysurfing, Ocean Awareness, Surf and Yoga Retreat

Bodhi Awaken is a unique, ocean immersive two-week retreat is designed to teach you not just the physical act of catching and riding waves with your body and surfboard, but also about the history and cultural significance of the pastime. There is no easier way to build this foundation of ocean savvy amongst our students…
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Surfer girl learning to bodysurf

Everything You Need to Know About Bodysurfing

“To me [bodysurfing is] the best interaction between man and nature that exists.” – Mike Stewart. Bodysurfing is an elusive activity about which not a whole lot of information is widely known or disseminated to the masses. Most ocean people — surfers, coastal-dwellers, fishermen and women — know how to or at least understand the…
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Bodhi Bodysurfing + Ocean Awareness Retreat

Bodhi Bodysurfing + Ocean Awareness Retreat Multiple dates in 2020-21 (see below) Hosted by Bodhi Surf + Yoga Starting 2019, Bodhi Surf + Yoga will be offering an ocean awareness and bodysurfing retreat every seven weeks. This week long ocean safety clinic will be hosted by Bodhi Surf + Yoga staff members. Our goal is…
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