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Whitewater Rafting Costa Rica’s Cleanest River: The Savegre

Whitewater Rafting the Savegre

Whitewater rafting is an incredibly exhilarating activity that ought to be tried at least once. What better a place to do so than Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical land of towering mountains, lush foliage, and rushing rivers. The Savegre River in particular has been named Central America’s cleanest river, and immersing yourself into it is…

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Bahia Ballena Plastic-Free Initiative Gains International Accolade

Plastic Free Hostel

The Bahia Ballena Plastic-Free Initiative seeks to reduce and discourage the consumption of single-use plastics, which are used for a few minutes then discarded in our community. Examples of single-use plastics are the following: such as plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, coffee removers, and disposable tableware. Once in the environment, plastic never degrades but…

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Best Time of Year to Visit Uvita, Costa Rica

Bodhi Surf + Yoga surf lesson in Uvita

The town of Uvita in Costa Rica’s South Pacific is a fascinating destination that draws many visitors each year to explore and discover all of its diversity and charm. With so many different types of activities to do and attractions to see, you’ll want to make sure to visit Uvita around a time of year…

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Be DAREful Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Surf yoga wellness retreat 2018

Be DAREful Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica November 3-10, 2018 Hosted by True North Adventures Bodhi Surf + Yoga is partnering with our friends at True North Adventures to offer a women’s surf and yoga adventure called “Be DAREful”. This unique retreat includes the best of Bodhi plus the unique opportunity to be deeply supported…

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3 Surfing Tips For Tall People

Tall person surfing

Hey, you — tall person! Yeah, the one who could ride all the roller coasters in elementary school, often gets yelled at for blocking the view during concerts, and can never get comfortable on planes… have you ever tried surfing? Well, as a bona fide member of the Tall People Club at 6’6 (and Bodhi…

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5 Safety Tips for Travelers in Costa Rica

Girls trip to Costa Rica

Safety is a basic human need. We want to travel, see new places, and meet new people, and sometimes the only thing holding us back from doing so is our fear of the unknown. You’re here because you’re traveling to Costa Rica and want to learn the safest way of doing so. Costa Rica has…

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Awaken Your Ashtanga Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreat at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Awaken Your Ashtanga Yoga Retreat September 15-22, 2018 Hosted by Shea Bryant Wellness Bodhi Surf + Yoga is excited to co-host the Awaken Your Ashtanga retreat with international yoga teacher and environmental lover, Shea Bryant. This retreat will be a week-long spiritual, eco, and wellness retreat and revival. It’s intention is four-fold: to restore, revive,…

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5 Ways to Avoid Injuries in Your Yoga Practice

Go at your own yoga pace

If you’ve ever searched #yoga on Instagram or any other social media outlet, you’re likely to have seen fit looking women and men contorting their bodies into all kinds of wild shapes, standing on their heads, and doing all of this while at the same time appearing totally at peace. Like any professional, a good…

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