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Why More Men Should Practice Yoga: A Male Perspective

Men's yoga in Costa Rica

A while back, Pilar requested that I participate in the five yoga classes she would be teaching at Bodhi during the next week’s Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camp. Realizing that I had completely abandoned my yoga practice in favor of surfing everyday, I accepted Pilar’s invitation and decided to shift my attention toward taking…

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Bodhi Bodysurfing + Ocean Awareness Retreat

Bodhi Bodysurfing + Ocean Awareness Retreat Multiple dates in 2019-20 (see below) Hosted by Hannah Walsh and Spencer Dunlap Starting November 2019, Bodhi Surf + Yoga will be offering an ocean awareness and bodysurfing retreat every seven weeks. This week long ocean safety clinic will be hosted by Bodhi staff members Hannah Walsh and Spencer…

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Shae Bryant Ashtanga Retreats

Ashtanga retreat Costa Rica 2018

An awesome Ashtanga yoga retreat in 2019 with Shae Bryant Wellness! Ashtanga Teacher / Practitioner Intensive September 7-13, 2019 Join Level 1 Authorized teacher Shae Bryant for an incredible week of intimate and in-depth study of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. Ideal for teachers wanting to deepen their training as well as dedicated Ashtanga practitioners.…

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6 Stretches for Supple Surfing

Tricep stretch for surf camp

As a former college athlete and surfer, I’m all too familiar with the myriad limitations imposed by having tight muscles and stiff joints. To improve and maintain my mobility (and athletic performance) over the years, I’ve learned many stretches that have proved beneficial to my health and protected me from injury. In fact, I worked…

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Do I Have to Change My Diet to Do Yoga?

What is a yoga diet?

Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is for people who are vegan, gluten-free, paleo dieters, sugar addicts, omnivores, and any other diet you can think of. Yet if this is the case, why is there all this buzz around abstaining from certain types of food as a yoga practitioner? This blog will give you more information…

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Be DAREful Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Women's Wellness Retreat

Be DAREful Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica TBD, 2019 (stay tuned!) Hosted by True North Adventures Bodhi Surf + Yoga is partnering with our friends at True North Adventures to offer a women’s surf and yoga adventure called “Be DAREful”. This unique retreat includes the best of Bodhi plus the unique opportunity to be deeply…

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Low-Impact Transportation: The Road Better Traveled

Carpooling at Bodhi as low-impact transportation

Hey Ocean Guardians! We sure are happy to see that you’re back for more tips, and the earth is too! Last time, we talked about how you can get creative and make your own cleaning products or find biodegradable products so that we don’t pollute our planet. In our final blog of tips, we will…

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Buying (or Making!) Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

Biodegradable cleaning products at the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge

Hello there, fellow Ocean Guardian! We hope you are enjoying this email series, and most importantly, that you’re all ready for the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest! Last time, we discussed food: eating locally and with the seasons, and understanding where your food is coming from. Now we are moving on to why you should buy…

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