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Low-Impact Transportation: The Road Better Traveled

Carpooling at Bodhi as low-impact transportation

Hey Ocean Guardians! We sure are happy to see that you’re back for more tips, and the earth is too! Last time, we talked about how you can get creative and make your own cleaning products or find biodegradable products so that we don’t pollute our planet. In our final blog of tips, we will…

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Buying (or Making!) Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

Biodegradable cleaning products at the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge

Hello there, fellow Ocean Guardian! We hope you are enjoying this email series, and most importantly, that you’re all ready for the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest! Last time, we discussed food: eating locally and with the seasons, and understanding where your food is coming from. Now we are moving on to why you should buy…

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Eating Healthy For Our Bodies and the Environment

Eating right for you and the planet

Last time, we discussed how you can be responsible consumers both at home and on vacation by educating ourselves and navigating the problem of “greenwashing”. Today, we’re talking about what many of us may have on our mind at this very moment — food! We also hope that the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest is never…

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Reducing Consumption: Be Energy-Savers and Solution-Makers

Sunrise in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

Greetings Ocean Guardians! Here at Bodhi, we are excitedly imagining all the cool videos we will receive for this year’s Ocean Guardian Contest! Last time, we discussed volunteering and attending public meetings to protect the earth for generations to come. We will put the focus back on ourselves and our day-to-day lives, and especially at…

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Community Engagement: Changing the World Starts at Home

Community action through volunteering

Greetings Ocean Guardians! We hope you have been getting more and more excited about the contest with each passing week! Last time, we discussed how you can make your Twitter tweet at the real birds from the touch of your feed. This week we are talking about community engagement. That could be through volunteering, learning…

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Using the Web to Give the Ocean a Voice

Cano Island, Costa Rica Snorkeling

Last week we discussed four different actions that you could take to start your journey as an Ocean Guardian. This week we will be looking at ways you can make an impact from the smartphone in your pocket or from your desk! While we urge you to get outdoors and stay active, we understand that…

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Protecting the Environment With Small and Easy Actions

Composting for the environment

Last week we discussed reducing consumption and other ways to avoid creating so much waste. This week we will be exploring different ways you can make changes in your own home and family that will significantly reduce your footprint. Don’t forget about the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest. It’s not too late to start taking action…

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Disposing of An Item

Trash pile in the tropics

And so it begins, our first bit of advice on how you can be an Ocean Guardian, in preparation for the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest! Along this journey of blogs, we will be reflecting on our everyday life and consumer patterns. By sharing some important environmental ideas, we will see what can be changed to…

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