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Make of this situation an enjoyable experience.” -Daily Mantra For Positive Thinking

During the Covid-19 lockdown, a very powerful thought came into my mind. In the midst of that a strange and difficult moment, when it felt as though normal life had been turned upside down, and many of us were stuck in high-stress situations–often alone with our thoughts, feeling frustrated, sad, and anxious–this became my most essential mantra for positive thinking: “Make of this situation an enjoyable experience.”

Master yogi, Pilar, offers positive thinking techniques

Pilar shares her daily mantra for positive thinking

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Consciously choose happiness

Mental health notwithstanding, sometimes people forget that having an enjoyable experience is a choice that we can make, not unlike choosing our clothes in the morning. Our thoughts are wont to carry us away, and in tough situations like the Coronavirus pandemic, those thoughts can become much more prone to negativity.

There’s no getting around it — sometimes life is hard! It’s weird. It’s uncomfortable. We become uncertain about the future and question the decisions that brought us to this present moment.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that we have to disregard these realities; the two can actually exist simultaneously. This is really hard, yet I am okay. It doesn’t have to mean you are happy, positive, or enjoying yourself all the time. That would probably be abnormal! But if you can train your mind and your reactions, you can have more positive experiences than negative ones. If you can do that, especially in a moment like this, you will both improve the moment itself as well as set yourself up for a sunnier future.

Showing gratitude with a sign that says "thanks."

Having a gratitude mantra can help you get through tough times

Have an attitude of gratitude

If you are reading this, you are lucky. First off, you can read — that is great news! You have a computer or phone — you are privileged. And an internet connection — many people on this planet do not! You have connections to individuals, entities, and movements outside of yourself. Without trying to describe each possible situation of every single reader, we can safely say that you have so much. Your life is not perfect, certainly. There may be aspects of your life that you want to change. Honestly, this is a great time to ponder those changes, and start taking action on them. Actions like meditating, mastering your breath, yoga, and other physical activities are great places to start.

Your situation may not (objectively) be as lucky as other individuals, but it’s certainly a lot more than many. More importantly, you have the ability to choose. In choosing positivity, you will not only greatly improve your current situation (by simply changing the lens through which you are viewing your circumstances), but also your future situation. Positivity begets positivity.

A person’s shadow cast on the ground

Dark thoughts are like shadows that can be dispelled with the light of gratitude

A “daily mantra for positive thinking” challenge

For the next week, challenge yourself with this simple reflection exercise. At the same time every day for the next seven days — perhaps every morning when you wake, or every night before you go to bed — ask yourself: ”What am I grateful for today?” It could be the big stuff (health, financial security, family), or the little stuff (my cup of coffee this morning, the way the sunlight hit the trees outside my window, a funny meme someone sent to me).

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll notice that the more you focus on the positive aspects of your life, the more the negative stuff will cease to seem so large, looming, and important. Ultimately, you may even be able to get to the point where you are grateful for chaos, hardship, and challenge — for the lessons they provide, and the growth you are able to obtain from them. But start small, and you’ll see that gratitude can indeed beat the blues.

View of a cordoned off beach in Costa Rica during COVID 19

Tough times–like the coronavirus pandemic–eventually pass. Until then, hold on to your daily mantra for positive thinking.

Make small decisions to foster positive thinking

From Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founder and yoga teacher, Pilar:

Recently, I was having a really hard day. I woke up deeply tired; with a sore body and an exhausted mind. I wanted nothing more but to collapse in bed all day! But, it seems life keeps throwing me blessings whether I am willing to receive them or not: my sweet daughter got me out of bed super early and we went for a walk. Yet I was still driven by negative thoughts, concentrating on how weak I felt. A little later, my dear husband said what a beautiful day it was, sunny, and fresh. It brought me back to this mantra: “Make of this situation an enjoyable experience.”

It made me realize how my thoughts were interrupting this beautiful experience that was unfolding before me. I realized immediately how lucky I was for being able to just be with my loved ones, to enjoy such a great morning. To be healthy, alive, and surrounded by love and freedom. It opened my eyes to the beauty of the present moment. This learning experience that we call “life” keeps teaching us in different ways that we are responsible for our own happiness. I agree with the idea that we have no control over external situations, but we do have control over what we think and how we choose to experience every life event.

Turn towards the light

There’s no doubt that there is darkness in the world. Yet there is also light, and a lot of it. Make an active choice to turn towards the light. Not only will it allow you to notice the intricate detail of the beautiful fabric that makes up your life, it will also illuminate your path forward!

Co-written by Pilar Salazar + Adrianne Chandra-Huff

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