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Yoga Asana and philosophy courses for all levels. Both live and prerecorded. If you can't get to us, we'll come to you.

Online Yoga Classes | Live & On Demand

New online and live yoga classes and materials being added monthly

Costa Rica Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

8 Limbs of Yoga For A Simple Life

This philosophy course based on the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga will expose students to a wider perspective of yoga and teach how it can be applied in our daily lives. It contains six approximately 60-minute videos and a PDF booklet.

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Foundations of Asana Practice - Yoga Course

Foundations of the Asana Practice

This Asana course is designed to build a strong foundation and help you develop a very safe, simple, and short daily practice. It contains four 10-minute tutorials and a 20-minute consolidated practice.

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Bodhi Sessions Online Yoga Course

Bodhi Sessions Yoga

This course will give you a taste of our weekly, in-person Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camp Asana classes — a great tool to continue your practice at home after your visit. There are five ~60-minute, multi-level videos.

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Online yoga series

The "Be" Series

The course contains short and dynamic practices based on the characteristics of nature's basic elements, and are designed to create a strong, fluid, light, and grounding practice.There are five ~30-minute level I and II videos.

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The Flow Series Online Yoga Course

The Flow Series

This course contains Vinyasa Flow style sequences combining different Asanas, movements, and breath to create heat, energy, and stamina. There are ten ~60-minute classes for level II practitioners.

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Online Yoga Classes

+ Live Zoom Classes

Every Wednesday at 9am PST / 10pm EST, join us for a LIVE Asana class. Past class recordings are also available if case you miss the live classes.

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Meet Your Instructor

Pilar Salazar

Pilar was originally drawn to yoga through her fascination with the anatomy of the body, movement, and exercise, and the mysteries of the conscious and unconscious mind. For two decades, she has been faithfully practicing Asana and Pranayama and exploring the philosophy of yoga. Pilar has practiced and studied the philosophy of yoga with teachers in Costa Rica, the USA, Europe and India. Pilar's own foundations are mostly in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system as well as Iyengar method. Both have contributed to her strong belief in the essential purpose of the Asana practice: the physical and energetic intention of both fluid movement as well as holding poses; as well as the importance of alignment and understanding simple postures and using them to heal the body. Pilar believes that simple postures well done make a solid practice which can bring many physical and mental benefits and reduce injury.

What Your Bodhi Online Membership Includes

  • 7 multi-series yoga courses
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  • Recorded philosophy classes
  • Exclusive yoga blogs
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  • PLUS we will be adding new courses to our library monthly

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Online Yoga & Cooking Courses with Bodhy Surf + Yoga

Live Class Schedule

In addition to our constantly growing yoga library, we also offer one live Asana class per week, as well as one philosophy and one Costa Rican cooking class per month which your membership will give you access to.

Asana Classes

Every Wednesday
9am (PST) / 12pm (EST)

Philosophy Class

Second Saturday of the month
1pm (PST) / 4pm (EST)

Cooking Class

Fourth Wednesday of the month 
1pm (PST) / 4pm (EST)


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