Guide to a Solo Vacation in Costa Rica

Bodhi Surf + Yoga intern

Traveling alone is a funny thing. Those that haven’t tried it are often the biggest critics and those that have are the strongest advocates. If you are someone who has traveled alone or is planning to, you might be looking for a little more clarity. There are a lot of misconceptions about traveling alone: There…

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Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

SELAL program in Uvita, Costa Rica

In 2015, when the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were first developed during the Paris Climate Accord, Bodhi Surf + Yoga was celebrating our fifth anniversary and quickly establishing ourselves as a business committed to environmental stewardship and community resilience. We have always situated ourselves in the global conversation on sustainability, and with our B Corp…

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Why a Surf + Yoga Camp in Costa Rica is Ideal for Women

Costa Rica surf camp

At a surf and yoga camp you can find strength and confidence, push your boundaries, meet interesting and like-minded people, and be immersed in the beauty of the jungle and the ocean. We think this is the perfect combination for women looking for adventure. Some of the frequent questions we get from potential guests are:…

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Why Choose Costa Rica for Your Next Family Vacation

Surf Vacation for Families

Planning a family vacation can be a huge undertaking. Where should you go? How can you take the needs and desires of each family member into account? What kinds of activities will you do once you get there? These are some big questions, and ones worth spending time and energy researching and contemplating. Ultimately, what really…

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Quarantine Cooking: Basic Recipes to Master While You Stay Home

Simple homemade bread recipe

With stay-at-home orders in place throughout communities around the world and many restaurants and cafes closed, quarantine has drastically narrowed down people’s abilities to explore. There is, however, one place that is always open and always exciting — our kitchens! One positive thing coming out of this period of chaos is that people are stepping…

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Reflections on our Global Food System in the Covid-19 Era

Food Systems Respond to Covid-19

One of the many takeaways from the global Covid-19 pandemic will be how our current food system has failed us. The jarring images of empty grocery store shelves and videos of fistfights in the aisles will take their spot in the history books. Yet hopefully, we will remember this as the moment things changed for…

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Costa Rican Recipes: Classic Dishes in Every Tico Kitchen

Costa Rican recipes

It’s no secret people travel to Costa Rica for the pristine beaches, the amazing wildlife, and the lush jungles. However, Costa Rican food doesn’t get nearly the amount of recognition it deserves. Costa Rican food is the fuel behind all those adventures and the flavor of the place that is on so many peoples bucket…

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Guide to a Surf + Yoga Couple’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Couples Surf and Yoga Retreat

Good news! You know that couples retreat you’ve been wanting to plan with your significant other? Well, we have scientific evidence that it’s a great idea. According to a study by the U.S. Travel Association, traveling Has long term benefits for couples, Helps build and maintain relationships, and Ignites romance and intimacy. So all signs…

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