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Guide to a Surf + Yoga Couple’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Good news! You know that couples retreat you’ve been wanting to plan with your significant other? Well, we have scientific evidence that it’s a great idea.

According to a study by the U.S. Travel Association, traveling

  1. Has long term benefits for couples,
  2. Helps build and maintain relationships, and
  3. Ignites romance and intimacy.

So all signs point to you taking the plunge, and booking a couple’s surf and yoga retreat with us here at Bodhi Surf + Yoga in Costa RIca!

Couples Surf and Yoga Retreat

A couples surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica

A couples vacation in sunny Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica is the perfect chance to get out of your normal day-to-day routine and find adventure and beauty in a new and exciting place. Being in a relationship means you always have a built-in travel buddy — a person (the best person) with whom you can share these awesome memories and experiences with.

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we design our week long sessions to educate, inspire, and empower — being able to share that with a loved one is an incredible treat. So if you want to spend a week with us in Costa Rica, strengthening your relationship and having a grand adventure… here is our guide to a Costa Rican couples retreat at Bodhi Surf + Yoga.

Learn to Surf Couples Retreat

3 reasons couples “retreat” to Bodhi Surf + Yoga

1. To learn something new about each other

Exploring new places and trying new things with your partner can be a great way to learn something new about each other. Traveling brings out new sides of us, sides that are often more adventurous and exciting. By getting outside of the day-to-day routine, you can learn a lot about each other and the relationship. Traveling to Costa Rica is a great bonding experience. You’ll have the chance to learn how your partner interacts with other cultures, how open they are to trying new things, and whether or not they are a surfer babe in the making!

2. Having first-time experiences, together

Costa Rica has waves to surf, jungles to explore, and yummy food to try with your significant other. A surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica provides the perfect place to discover new skills and passions. You can experience all of this alongside a partner and laugh and connect through it all. It takes bravery to get on a surfboard for the first time or to finally try that yoga pose that has eluded you. What better a memory to create with someone you love by your side? The feeling of catching a wave or nailing that headstand is made that much sweeter with someone to celebrate!

3. Bodhi Surf + Yoga takes care of the details!

While you focus on trying new things — riding waves, and finding your zen — Bodhi Surf + Yoga takes care of all the planning. Sometimes, when traveling with a significant other, the decisions that are the most frustrating are the small ones: where to eat dinner, what beach to go to, who has to drive the rental car, etc. Doing a session at Bodhi Surf + Yoga means no one has to make the small decisions. Our week-long camps are tried and tested to be both fun-filled and stress-free. We surf and do yoga everyday except the free day, and we even take care of most of your meals. This is the perfect style for a couple looking to optimize their time adventuring, and minimize their time planning out the small stuff.

Yoga Retreat for Couples

Logistical details of your Costa Rican couples surf and yoga retreat

Upon arrival to Costa Rica

Book your flights to San Jose International Airport (aka SJO, aka Juan Santamaria International Airport), and our long-time, legend of a driver, Warner Hidalgo (aka Wali), will be waiting for you in his air-conditioned van to take you south to the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge, nestled into Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.

Typically a four-hour drive, you can settle in, nap, and be worry-free about getting to and from the airport. If weather permits, the trip will also include a quick stop at the famous Tarcoles River where a resident group of Costa Rican crocodiles can be seen below the bridge!

The accommodations at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Our lodge at Bodhi Surf + Yoga is designed with intention towards simplicity and environmental consciousness. The four available accommodations are crafted Costa Rican-style with screen doors, natural light, and a tropical touch. We have created a space that is in communion with the incredible natural surroundings available.

Each of the buildings that make up “the lodge” are built of natural pine. We encourage guests to leave doors and windows open at all times (but with the screen!) so the sounds of the birds and the breeze can flow freely.

We have opted out of modern amenities like air conditioning and flat screen TVs as we want our guests to experience the mellow vibe of a quaint setting and warm, personalized service.

Rooms are cozy and homey with natural wood bed frames and local pieces of art on the walls. Our lodgings are designed to be places of rest and relaxation. Great places for a cold shower after your surf session, and a good night’s sleep.

Guests spend the majority of their down time in our communal spaces sharing a meal or playing board games. There are also several hammocks around the property to lounge and take a mid-afternoon nap. Our salt water pool is also a crowd-pleaser when the afternoons get hot; best enjoyed with a cold beer, good music, and your partner!

Check out our page for more details on each room.

Couples Retreat Food

What you’ll be up to during your couples retreat at Bodhi

A week at Bodhi Surf + Yoga is unlike any other couples retreat you can go on. Bodhi Sessions are mindfully-created to spark passion and interest in the planet we all share. We do this through active, immersive experiences in the ocean and on the yoga platform. Each day offers a new opportunity to learn, grow, and push ourselves.

At the beginning of your daily two-hour surf session, our International Surf Association (ISA)-certified instructors instruct you on pertinent surf theory. They cover everything from basic oceanography to marine conservation to how to generate a surf report. They also do demonstrations for those who are more visual learners. After that, you’ll hit the waves and practice what you’ve been taught.

At the start of your daily yoga practice, your yoga instructor will introduce you to the principles of yoga and the mental, spiritual, and physical goals of each session. Then you’ll be guided through a yoga session that aligns perfectly with your surf training by both strengthening and stretching your body.

During a week spent with us in Bahia Ballena, you can expect to eat fresh, healthy food, including Costa Rica’s famous gallo pinto, mountains of fresh tropical fruit each morning, and some delicious and local coffee.

Our weeks are crafted to get each guest to spend as much time outside and engaged as possible. Free time often involves lounging in a hammock, jumping off the local waterfall, playing board games, or walking to the beach for our legendary sunrises and sunsets. Rest assured, a week at Bodhi Surf + Yoga will be an unforgettable experience for you and your partner.

For more info, check out this complete guide to preparing for a week of Bodhi Sessions.

During free time: endless adventure

Located in beautiful Bahia Ballena — a place where the jungle meets the sea — there is endless adventure to be had at Bodhi Surf + Yoga. Whether you want to extend your trip or fill up the free moments between surfing and yoga, Bahia Ballena offers something for every type of couple. With a built-in travel buddy, there are tons of options for couples. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Walk the Whale’s Tail: a great, laid-back walk down the beach to a unique formation where two beaches meet and create an outcropping that looks like the tail of a whale from above!
  • Watch the sunset: the sunsets on the beaches of Bahia Ballena are truly incredible. The combination of the ocean, the clouds, and the beach create a unique sunset every night.
  • Snorkel Caño Island: with a free day and a little more time, snorkeling around Caño Island is something special. The water is crystal clear and between the nurse sharks and the sea turtles you are sure to see something exciting.
  • Looking for something cheap and/or free? This blog post has 4 suggestions that are fun and easy on the wallet.

Couples Ocean Guardian Pledges

Create memories together that last a lifetime

Couples that travel together are more satisfied with their relationship. They get to know each other in new ways, they experience the excitement and thrill of a new place together, and they create memories that will forever be shared.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga can be a great place for a fun-loving couple to explore, grow, and excel. We are committed to making the world a better place through our work. Whether it is giving people the space to expand their limits, sharing meaningful conversations between people of all backgrounds, or having a couple find new depth to their relationship, we strive to share our little piece of paradise and inspire people to create positive, lasting change.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga is a special place in the world and we want you to share it with someone you love. For all the details on what we offer and to check availability for your couples surf and yoga vacation in Costa Rica, inquire here.


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