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Why a Surf + Yoga Camp in Costa Rica is Ideal for Women

At a surf and yoga camp you can find strength and confidence, push your boundaries, meet interesting and like-minded people, and be immersed in the beauty of the jungle and the ocean. We think this is the perfect combination for women looking for adventure.

Some of the frequent questions we get from potential guests are:

  • What is the typical Bodhi Surf + Yoga guest like?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Are they younger or older?

In all honesty, there is no easy answer. We have had the pleasure of hosting people from all of the world: from Russia to Uruguay, across many different age ranges, early-90s to infancy, and with a whole host of different expectations. We host families and women’s retreats, couples and solo travelers, groups of friends, and the list goes on.

Costa Rica surf camp for women

A surf and yoga camp for everyone

While we think a surf and yoga camp is ideal for anyone with a desire to learn, whether they are young or old, regardless of gender, and with experienced or not. Yet there are some key factors that make it special for women in particular. So here are a few of our reasons why a surf and yoga camp is ideal for women (but keep in mind that plenty of these items are beneficial for all types of people)! At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, there are many opportunities to learn and grow — to improve who we are for our loved ones and our planet.

Yet because we do get a majority of female travelers here at Bodhi Surf + Yoga so here is our compiled list on why this experience is ideal for women.

How surfing + yoga are a perfect combo for women

Surfing and yoga, as activities that embrace mind/body/soul connection, are incredibly beneficial for women. With the right instructors and environment, a surf and yoga camp can be the perfect fit for any woman.

Women's yoga retreat in Costa Rica

Embrace the beginner mindset

For many of our guests, surfing and/or yoga is completely new to them. That’s why they have taken the chance to immerse themselves in a camp like ours: to truly learn something that they can take home and continue to practice and develop. Something interesting that we hear from our guests is that they really enjoy the novelty of the learning experience. As adults, we tend to stick to the things we know we are good at. But learning something new, like surfing and yoga, can be an invigorating feeling. It can bring us back to the excitement of being a kid again and experiencing something for the first time.

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, women can embrace being a novice and learn about surfing and yoga from the ground up with instructors that go beyond the basics and teach the history, context, philosophy, and more about each activity.

Costa Rica beach yoga

Find your flow

At a surf and yoga camp, the “flow state” is an everyday occurrence. Flow state, often known as “being in the zone,” is when your mind and body are so in-sync and tuned in to what you are doing that everything else falls away.

As women, life can be crazy — whether you are a manager or a mother or just on the everyday grind — it can be difficult to find that moment of balance and simplicity. By taking a week to come down to Costa Rica and participate in lifestyle activities like surfing and yoga, you are able to quiet your mind and move your body to find your flow.

Our head yoga instructor, Pilar — a mother of two young daughters,  co-owner and co-founder of Bodhi Surf + Yoga — has been practicing and teaching yoga for close to 20 years. Needless to say, she is well versed in finding her flow and teaching others to do the same on our open air yoga platform with jungle trees and birds calls all around.

Embrace femininity

One of our idols, Leah Dawson (world-class lifestyle surfer and all-around badass woman), said in a profile piece by The Inertia that “the biggest compliments [she] receives are not that [she] surfs like a man but that [she] surfs like a woman.” There is a different style, grace, and energy of a female surfer and how we connect to the ocean. Instead of trying to quell that beauty in exchange for a masculine energy in the water, we can learn to embrace it. Leah put it best by saying, “As a lover of the sport I want to see more women being empowered to surf like a woman.”

That notion of embracing femininity can be incredibly freeing in many different aspects of our lives. We can take that energy into our yoga practice, our art, our relationships, and whichever other places feel right. At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower our female guests, hopefully contributing to their journeys. Female energy is, after all, imperative to build resilient communities and improve our planet as a whole planet.

Find balance between movement and relaxation

Bodhi Surf + Yoga creates a weekly schedule that balances activity and relaxation. While our main focus is on the two-hour surf lessons and 90-minute yoga classes, we also make sure that your bodies are being fed and nourished with good food and downtime as well. A typical vacation can often be a time of total indulgence, which can throw your mind and body off and make you sluggish or generally out-of-whack when returning to your “real” life.

A surf and yoga camp can be a great place for women to “reset” their internal systems and find a healthy balance between movement and relaxation. We want you to go home refreshed and energized with new found confidence, a respect for the earth, and plenty of good memories.

Adventure surf for women

What makes Bodhi Surf + Yoga the best place for adventurous women

For those who consider themselves adventurous (or who are adventure-curious), Bodhi Surf + Yoga is a perfect place to start.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

The Bodhi Surf + Yoga community is second to none. The Bodhi “Family” — what we call our past, present, and future guests — is made up of world travelers who are young and old and from every industry. We get people from all walks of life, but what ties them together is that they have found themselves here in beautiful Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica, and they are adventurous go-getters looking to learn and/or improve their surfing and yoga at a responsible and sustainable business.

By choosing Bodhi Surf + Yoga and sharing lessons, meals, and downtime as a group, it is near certain that the connections you make will be special. The conversations that are shared at breakfast while eating our famous banana pancakes are always interesting and, more often than not, include big laughs. The Bodhi Family is comprised of a fun-loving people who cares about our planet and their place in it.

Costa Rica surf camp

A safe, non-competitive, community-oriented environment

While learning something new can be an intimidating experience, finding a positive environment will be sure to ease the pressure. The Bodhi Surf + Yoga curriculum is designed to be safe, non-competitive, and community-oriented. We want all of our guests to be challenged but to also leave the ocean or the yoga platform with a smile on their face.

Feeling comfortable and safe while also making yourself vulnerable can be a difficult balance, especially for women. The Bodhi Lodge is a great place to allow yourself to take the pressure off. We motivate each other to improve, no matter our skill level. Our surf and yoga instructors will assess your skill and comfort level with the various activities and outline a course of learning that is the right fit for you.

Solo traveler Costa Rica

Adult education at its best

When looking at surf and yoga camps around the world, there are none quite like Bodhi Surf + Yoga. We take our jobs very seriously and we want our guests to really learn. For us, this means going beyond the “pop-up” method or doing a quick headstand. We aim to provide adult education in the sense that we want our guests to leave with a new, deeper understanding of what surfing and yoga entail.

Our certified surf instructors will teach you the basics of oceanography so you know how waves are formed. They will teach marine conservation and introduce the biggest issues facing our oceans, how to ride and carve on a wave, and yes, how to stand on a surfboard. Our instructors want guests to take what they learn and continue to practice and improve no matter where they go.

Similarly, our yoga instructors teach our guests about the philosophies of yoga and give modern day context to these ancient teachings. They perfect a flow for each class and slowly introduce more and more challenging poses as the week goes on. Their goals are to open your mind and body to both the strength-building and the restorative aspects of yoga, all while maintaining an understanding of the spiritual philosophies behind the practice.

Costa Rica is safe, but full of adventure

For women, safety is a top concern when considering travel plans. According to the Global Peace Index and other sources, Costa Rica is consistently ranked as the safest country in all of Central America. Risks of violent crime are low and while there is occasional petty theft, if you are a smart and alert traveler there should be minimal cause for concern.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga is also here to make your experience as comfortable and safe as possible. All of our activities are with a group and should you want to go somewhere solo, we have advice and safety tips galore. We also include transportation from San Jose International Airport (SJO) directly to our property. Women looking for a safe-yet-adventurous experience need look no further. The southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the perfect place for your surf and yoga vacation.

We take care of the details and help you plan the rest

From airport pick up to daily surf and yoga lessons and fresh, local meals, Bodhi Surf + Yoga takes care of many of the details of your vacation. Whether you are a solo female traveler or a group of friends on a girls trip, it is easy to get bogged down by the planning. Our retreats are not all-inclusive (we want our guests to contribute to the local economy and see the community beyond our property) but we definitely ease the decision making by providing:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • 5 breakfasts
  • 3 dinners
  • 5 surf and yoga lessons each
  • A guided community walk
  • A waterfall visit
  • And so much more!

There is also one completely free day mid-week where guests can decide exactly what they want to do on their own schedule. Some of our suggestions include taking a walk on the famous Whale’s Tail, checking out the local farmers market, or doing a hike. For women looking for more adventure, we can help set up whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, or even waterfall rappelling! Check out our website for more info on accommodations, guest testimonials, our yoga retreats, and our responsible business practices.

A week (or two) with Bodhi Surf + Yoga is an experience you won’t want to miss.


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