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16 Best Surf Books of All Time

The act of riding a wave, aka surfing, is nearly ineffable, indescribable. Despite that, the authors featured in our list of the 16 best surf books of all time did a pretty damn good job of describing the act of surfing (and its deeper significance) to the general public. Only a surfer knows the feeling,…
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Nature therapy in Costa Rica

Reflections from the 2020-21 Bodhi Surf + Yoga Camp Season

Well, it’s October 2021, and we did it. We successfully completed the 2020-21 season. A season like no other, one that we weren’t even sure would take place. It ended up being one of the best and most surprising and memorable seasons of our nearly twelve-year history. After thinking that perhaps we wouldn’t make it…
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Bodhi Co-founder Adrianne

Adrianne: 10 Years in to Bodhi Surf + Yoga

This post is coming up a bit late, but it is in honor of Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s 10-year anniversary which was in 2020 (a year we did not get to celebrate as we had planned!) Learn more about the other co-founders, Travis Bays and Pilar Salazar.  The most outgoing of the three co-owners, Adrianne…
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Whail Tail, Costa Rica

2020, A Year for the Books: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hello friends! It’s December of 2020. On one hand, this year has flown by. On another, it has seemed like the longest year ever. Yet onwards we go, collectively navigating the sweeping changes that this global pandemic has precipitated. At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year. Granted, it didn’t go…
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Travel to Costa Rica during Covid

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Bodhi Surf + Yoga Camp in the COVID-19 Era

Updated August 16, 2022 There are moments in global history that mark distinct and profound changes. Without a doubt, the world has recalibrated as we have adjusted to the ramifications brought forth during the global COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been great shifts all over the world and to all aspects of life; one of…
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Surf and yoga camp Covid policy

FAQs: Visiting Bodhi Surf + Yoga During COVID-19

Updated August 16, 2022 Throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation has changed frequently. We have done our best to update information on our website as we learn it, as well as point to some very useful and trustworthy resources for our guests. Here is our consolidated version of all of that information.…
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Yoga in times of adversity

Lessons from Surfing and Yoga

We, like many small businesses and tourism companies, are feeling the impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic most acutely. We have been unable to operate normally since March 2020, and have no clear idea on the horizon when (and even if!) things will ever go back to normal. It’s been paralyzing, challenging, and stressful. We…
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Growth mindset in surf

Shoshin: Having a “Beginner’s Mind” Can Improve Your Life

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few. – Shunryu Suzuki Here at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we firmly believe that the best way to live is in a constant state of learning (like a child), because when you become complacent and halt the learning process, you also…
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Social and Environmental Justice at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s Social Equity Statement

Dear stakeholders, The recent killing of George Floyd (among many others), as well as the ardent global response, have underscored the existence of an enduring and insidious problem — that modern society is fraught with systemic racism. As a travel company that focuses on teaching surfing and yoga in Costa Rica, many aspects of our…
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Yoga with Pilar Salazar

Pilar: Celebrating 10 Years of Bodhi Surf + Yoga

In honor of ten years of Bodhi Surf + Yoga, I sat down with co-founder and yoga teacher extraordinaire, Pilar Salazar, to find out more about the person beyond the yoga mat. Of course, yoga is a big part of her life and has certainly a theme that has run through it. Yet beyond just…
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