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Endless Summer Costa Rica American society is greatly influenced by its media outlets, especially movies. Every now and then there comes along a movie that although is a niche or special interest film, ends up appealing to the masses.

The First Endless Summer Movie

In 1966 a movie called The Endless Summer did just that. The film follows two surfers around the globe as they keep up with the Summer season, seeking some of the best waves around the world. The film was a defining moment for surfing as well as for surf movies.

Surfing is a difficult sport to portray in film, simply because it relies heavily on nature which cannot be controlled. However, in this film the director, Bruce Brown, was able to capture and depict the skill, courage, and knowledge that is required in surfing, causing rave reviews for his work among mainstream media critics.

This film is what, in part, first inspired surfers to seek out new surf breaks and establish the culture of surf travel. Today, traveling to a foreign country in order to surf is not only popular among experienced surfers, but it is very common for beginners to travel abroad in order to learn how to surf.

A Second Endless Summer

In 1994, Bruce Brown release a sequel entitled “The Endless Summer II”. This second film retraced the steps of the two surfers in the original film and showed the evolution of surfing during the near thirty year time lapse since the first film.

The development of surfing during that period was significant. During the filming of the first movie, longboards and a more laid back style were the norm; but by the time the second film came out shortboarding was the norm and surfing as a whole had progressed into faster, more radical maneuvers.

Endless Summer in Costa Rica

With warm water year-round and perfect waves, such as those seen in the video clip (see above), how could surfers stay away, right? Well, they haven’t. Thanks to films such as The Endless Summer, Costa Rica is a highly popular surf travel destination, for both beginners and experienced surfers, with many surf schools and surf camps sprouting up along Costa Rica’s coastlines.

If you haven’t seen these films, get to it, they have convinced many to pick up a board and paddle out. See you in the water soon!

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