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Good vibes in Costa Rica

Inspiring “Bodhi North”: Bodhi Transformational Stories #04

Bodhi Surf + Yoga and Katie Jones of Wander Well Podcast have teamed up to bring you some stories of transformations that take place here at Bodhi in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica. Bodhi attracts people looking to learn how to surf and start or enhance an existing yoga practice. It also attracts people in…
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Surf camp Costa Rica

Bodhi’s Top 10 of 2018

2018 was a wonderful year for us here at Bodhi. A lot of great things happened, various events, milestones, and a whole host of memorable moments. With each passing year, we become further convinced that we are on the right path — one in which we can have a business that is the livelihood of…
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Broadened perspective due to travel

6 Benefits You’ll Take Home From a Bodhi Surf + Yoga Camp

December is upon us, and as the year closes, it is natural to start thinking about the bigger picture. Larger questions loom, like: “How can I find the drive to get in shape?” “Is it too late for me to learn something new, or try something I’ve always wanted to try?” “Am I happy with…
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Chilling in Cynthia the Swan at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Top 3 Things Guests Love About the Bodhi Lodge

I think the Bodhi Lodge is a pretty great place — it’s in the heart of the community of Bahia Ballena, within walking distance to many amenities as well as the beach, it’s simple but comfortable — but then again, I am biased, being that I am one of the owners of Bodhi Surf +…
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Pura Vida essence at surf lessons

Top 10 Reasons People Choose Bodhi Surf + Yoga

After only a few weeks interning at Bodhi Surf + Yoga, I’ve already had a wide variety of experiences in the community of Bahia Ballena. Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to see what Bodhi is like from a guest’s perspective. I was able to surf, practice yoga, eat some delicious food, and interact…
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Backbend assist yoga

Dedicating a Week to Learning

There are endless ways to learn, understand, and develop a new skill. Out of those, some are effective and others tend to only work in the short term. What I believe to be the best, most fulfilling way to learn is not only to perform a new skill but also to understand and feel the…
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