10 Breathtaking Photos from the Marino Ballena National Park

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The Marino Ballena National Park was Costa Rica’s first national marine park and is one of the jewels in the country’s national park system. Bodhi Surf + Yoga resides within the community of Bahia Ballena which is at the cusp of the northernmost entrance to this park. We are so fortunate to call this place home, and it’s not hard to see why! The following pictures are presented as a possible day inside this magical park.

Sunrise in the Marino Ballena National Park

Sunrise Marino Ballena National Park

When you get up early to partake in a sunrise surf session, you may also get to enjoy the sun rising over the mountains — a spectacular sight to behold!

Pelicans & Tres Hermanas

Pelicans soaring over the ocean

It’s not uncommon to be visited by some flying friends during your morning surf lesson.

Mountain views

Hills over Uvita

Don’t forget to look back and enjoy the view of the mountains when you’re lapping in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean!

Visiting Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet Macaw in Bahia Ballena

During part of the year, the Marino Ballena National Park is visited by the effervescent Scarlet Macaw birds. Seeing these birds up close is unforgettable!

Resident Howler monkeys

Uvita Howler Monkey

Howler monkeys are frequently seen in the trees inside the Marino Ballena National Park at all times of the year! While you may not see them right away, you will probably hear their distinctive calls.

Embark on a boat tour

Boat tour Bahia Ballena

As a park which primarily consists of ocean territory, sometimes the best way to experience the Marino Ballena National Park is to take a boat tour.

Resident dolphin species

Dolphin in Uvita

There are three resident species of dolphins inside the Marino Ballena National Park — the Spinner, the Spotted, and the Bottlenose.

Visiting Humpback whales

Humpback Whales Bahia Ballena

“Ballena” is a word you will hear frequently during your stay, and it means “whale” in Spanish. Visiting Humpback whales are the namesake of the park, the town, and the entire region of Costa Ballena!

Jungle on the beach

Jungle Marino Ballena National Park

The Marino Ballena National Park is, in a word, lush. With an average annual rainfall of four meters, the jungles Costa Ballena end only because the Pacific Ocean begins.

Golden sunset over the Whale Tail

Sunset Marino Ballena National Park

Enjoying a sunset inside the Marino Ballena National Park, it’s hard not to reflect on all of the breathtaking sights you have seen in this little corner of Costa Rica!

Spend a week in Bahia Ballena and enjoy the park up close and personal during your surf and yoga camp with Bodhi!

Photos c/o Melissa Rejeb

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