Bodhi Slide: 7 Night Bodysurf + Yoga Camp

Week-long, semi-inclusive, ocean-immersive vacations which utilize bodysurfing or "wave gliding" and yoga to foster connections with the marine environment and yourself, on the backdrop of relaxation, enjoyment, and community engagement!

Spaces limited to 10 guests/week. Click here for COVID-19 travel FAQs

Bodhi Slide: 7 Night Bodysurf + Yoga Camp Includes


  • 6 nights at the Bodhi Lodge
  • 1 night at a hotel in San Jose


  • 1 swim technique training
  • 5 bodysurfing lessons
  • 5 yoga classes


  • 5 breakfasts
  • 3 dinners
  • Snacks at bodysurfing lessons


  • Walking tour of Bahia Ballena
  • Waterfall visit


  • Round trip transportation
    from San Jose and back
  • Shuttle service from San Jose hotel to airport


  • 1 free day
  • National park entrance fees for surf lessons
  • Travelers' Philanthropy donation

Bodhi Slide: 7 Night Bodysurf + Yoga Camp Does Not Include

  • Airfare
  • Cost of optional activities
  • Transportation to optional activities
  • Lunches
  • 1 breakfast
  • 3 dinners

NOTE: As of July 8, 2023, the Saturday of arrival for all of our 7-day or 14-day camps and retreats will allow for “anytime arrival”. This means you will now be able to arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) anytime on Saturday. The Saturday night stay at Adventure Inn as well as transportation to the hotel from the airport are included. On Sunday morning at 9am, the group shuttle will leave from the Adventure Inn to Bodhi Surf + Yoga.


Prices are per person in USD

Room Amistad

Private room that accommodates 2 people

(includes 13% VAT)

Room Amistad

A private room with two single beds that can accommodate up to 2 guests. Room Amistad is located on a second story above the dining area, Alegria. It is a great option for friends traveling together. 

Room Armonia

Private room that accommodates 2 people

(includes 13% VAT)

Room Armonia

A private hotel-style room with a full-sized bed which can accommodate up to 2 people. Armonia is located on a second story, above the dining area, Alegria. It is the best choice for solo travelers.

Bungalow Espiritu

Independent bungalow that accommodates 2 people

(includes 13% VAT)

Bungalow Espiritu

An independent studio-style bungalow that contains one queen bed and a small kitchenette. The perfect choice for a couple.

Bungalow Gratitud

Independent bungalow that accommodates 4 people

(includes 13% VAT)

Bungalow Gratitud

Gratitud has one queen bed, two single beds, one daybed and a well-equipped kitchenette. It is the best choice for a family or group up to 4 people.


❌ = Not available
✅ = Available
*Spaces are limited to 10 guests per week

Trip Dates Bungalow Gratitud
(up to 4 people)
Bungalow Espiritu
(2 People)
Room Armonia
(2 people)
Room Amistad
(2 people)
Mar 25-Apr 1
Apr 1-8
Apr 8-15
Apr 15-22
Apr 22-29
Apr 29-May 6
May 6-13
May 13-20





I stayed at Bodhi Surf + Yoga for two weeks for their first bodysurfing retreat. I’ve never before heard of bodysurfing. But from now on it will always stay with me. Hannah & Spencer taught me how to bodysurf with their own enthusiasm and fun. They caught me with their bodysurfing fever. It was so super with them!

And an incredibly experience. From the first swim lessons in the pool to the last day with our own painted handplanes & swim fins in the ocean! I learned so much about the waves, the ocean and how to feel much more comfortable in it. The Bodhi Family is wonderful. I had a great time there, delicious food, fantastic yoga and a super nice room!



There was *instant* connection among all the guests which made for a really extraordinary week. Bodhi's approach is to use Yoga and Surf to provide memorable learning experiences with the idea that guests will leave inspired to continue learning long term. I'm sold! And their commitment to the environment and sustainability, and dedication to being a certified B Corporation shows they are walking the walk.


Massachusetts, USA

Bodhi was amazing! I cannot recommend this space highly enough! I went with my wife and 3 of our best friend for their pod offer in August 2021 and it was such a beautiful experience for us as individuals and friends. Supporting each other to learn new skills and have a lot of laughs and cheers while doing so. It was really everything I could have hoped for and more! If you’re into yoga, body surfing, delicious food, community, Mother Earth, healing our planet and conscious entrepreneurship, this place is your jam. Love you Bodhi fam.


California, USA

I don't even know where to begin with this truthfully. You always feel like a trip will just be a trip, no matter how life-changing people SAY it will be or how powerful it will be to personal growth, it will still just be a trip. I just think "yep ill be surfing and doing yoga, it'll be great". Bodhi always catches me off guard and makes me have a real experience that I never forget, and by the end, I always find I am choked up to say goodbye. They are just so welcoming. They care.


Vancouver, CANADA

A different kind of vacation

Bodhi Slide is a one-of-a-kind travel experience. It will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated after a nature-immersive week in a very pristine area of the world. As an experiential learning vacation, you will be active in an outdoor classroom and work toward your own personal goals. You will also have time to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your own purpose as well as community, in a safe and nourishing way.

Bodhi Slide falls under the category of “off-the-beaten-path” tourism which focuses on community engagement, cultural exchange, and immersion into the local way of life. Bodhi Surf + Yoga provides just enough structure to keep you active and just enough flexibility to allow personal development, rest and relaxation, and connection to others!

Connect meaningfully to the ocean

Bodysurfing is the best way to gain exposure to and confidence in the water. Some look at it as a precursor to board-surfing, but in truth it is an amazing activity on its own: great exercise, incredible fun, and perhaps the best way to feel connected to the power of the ocean.

This camp will allow you to learn more about bodysurfing: its history, philosophy, and techniques. In just a week under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will progress your skills in a profound way and be able to take them home with you.

Go deeper

Our tried and tested five-class yoga curriculum is more than just a complementary activity but rather a mainstay of your week-long vacation. In terms of the physical component, a dedicated, daily practice while at Bodhi Surf + Yoga will keep you loose, limber, and relaxed.

The most important takeaways from yoga for our guests are often improving the breath, finding space to meditate, and allowing you to go deeper within yourself.



Our home community is located on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in a small community called Bahia Ballena. There is something unique about this community; an energy, a feeling of wellbeing it gives to visitors and residents alike. But what makes it so special? There are many contributing factors: weather, location, natural beauty, welcoming locals, and modern conveniences certainly help. Without a doubt, Bahia Ballena is ideal for everyone, from outdoor adventures to professional relaxers.


Guests often tell us we should tack on "food" to our official name, as food is such an important part of the experience. We love to make you feel taken care of and allow you to dedicate your energy to the bodysurfing and yoga portion! Thus, when staying at the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge, you will enjoy daily breakfast (except on your free day) and three delicious dinners alongside your fellow "campers".

Meals are made with love. They are hearty, healthy, and use locally-sourced ingredients. We can also accommodate most dietary restrictions. Finally, on the occasions that there is no meal, you will also have the great opportunity to visit one of the awesome local restaurants, try the local fare, and support our community’s economy.

A beautiful and relaxing vacation place

Your home base for the week will be the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica. It is a small lodge that can only host up to ten guests at a time, so you know that your entire vacation experience will be personalized.

On site we have a pool, hammocks and day beds for lounging, an extensive library, and plenty of games for your downtime between bodysurf sessions and yoga classes. At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, comfort, relaxation, and simple pleasures reign supreme.



Bodhi Slide FAQs

Bodhi Surf + Yoga's 7 Night Bodhi Slide Bodysurf + Yoga camp is a week of learning, relaxation, and fun in a beautiful, coastal community. It is a one-of-a-kind vacation that you can feel good about and will remember for years to come.

This week-long camp will provide you with ample resources (knowledge, tools, and time) to develop your bodysurfing skillset and deepen your yoga practice. When you are not participating in a core activity, you will be relaxing at our beautiful lodge, connecting to both nature and our quaint community, and exploring what this beautiful part of Costa Rica has to offer.

We abide by the motto of "small is beautiful", and can only host up to ten people per week at our lodge. Moreover, in this intimate surf and yoga camp setting, owners and staff are the ones sharing in your Costa Rica surfing and yoga experience with you.

Our operations are based out of a small town that is still relatively untouched by large-scale tourism, and we work together with our fellow community-members to keep Bahia Ballena beautiful and have it serve as a positive example.

We are committed to sustainable tourism: community involvement and environmental awareness are part of your experience with Bodhi Surf + Yoga. Finally, we are the first ever surf and yoga camp in the world to earn B Corp certification!

The Bodhi Slide Bodysurf + Yoga camp includes:

  • 6 nights at Bodhi Lodge
  • 1 night at a hotel in San Jose
  • 1 swim technique training session
  • 5 bodysurf lessons
  • 5 yoga classes
  • 3 group dinners
  • 5 breakfasts
  • 1 free day (Wednesday)
  • Round trip transportation (SJ-Bodhi-SJ)
  • Waterfall visit
  • Snacks during bodysurf sessions
  • Guided walking tour of Bahia Ballena
  • National Park entrance fees

Are you able to dedicate two full weeks to learning and growth? Check here for details about what the Bodhi Awaken 14-Night Bodysurf, Ocean Awareness, and Surf + Yoga Camp includes.

Like any sport, the more time you dedicate to deliberate practice and repetition, the better you are going to perform. Dedicating a full week allows you ample time to gain confidence in the ocean and drastically improve your bodysurfing ability and ocean confidence. Furthermore, you will also have the time and space to renew your perspective as well as reconnect with nature, self, and purpose.

Our bodysurf and yoga camps are designed with the knowledge of over 10 years of being operational that the two activities complement one another greatly, and especially in the learning process. When done together, the body is more relaxed, and the mind more open. With a minimum of five bodysurf lessons and five yoga classes, we have enough time and opportunity to really teach both activities, help build strong foundations, and impart the many valuable lessons to be learned both on the mat and in the ocean to our guests.

The most important thing you need to bring for the bodysurf lessons is a tight-fitting swimsuit that will create minimal drag (and will stay on)—similar to what you would wear to swim laps in a pool. Swim fins will be provided for you, but you can certainly bring your own if you already have a pair.

Check out our full packing list here.

The food at the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge aims to check all of these boxes: filling, nutritious, healthy, locally-sourced, home-made, fresh, and delicious. The Bodhi Surf + Yoga team members are also avid foodies and strive to serve food that exceeds guests’ expectations. Bodhi Surf + Yoga is able to cater to specific dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, etc.

There are many restaurants in the Bahia Ballena - Uvita area, with several delicious options within a 10-minute walk. There are also more places to eat popping up every year. If you don’t feel like walking, you can also look into renting a bike or opt to take a taxi.

It is not required to have a car for your stay at Bodhi Surf + Yoga. Transportation from the airport and back is included in your vacation package price. Once at the lodge, transportation to all scheduled activities is included. Moreover, most everything else you need is accessible by foot (restaurants, shops, banks, etc.) If you desire to go further than walking distance, you can either rent a bike for the week or take a taxi.

The Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge is located approximately one mile / 1.8km (15-20 minutes walking-distance) from either the Punta Uvita (Whale Tail) or Playa Chaman (Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s bodysurf beach) park entrances. For bodysurf lessons, we drive all together, which takes about 5 minutes.


Learn what makes Bodhi different from other surf and yoga camps