Yoga in Costa Rica

In the past several decades, yoga has grown in popularity so much so, that today, there is a industry and following around the practice. But the whole concept of yoga actually comes from ancient Eastern texts, and a simple definition found there is that “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind”. Without all of the superfluity, yoga is a deeply spiritual and personal practice that can have a wide range of benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.

The idea is that through our practice, we learn to be more present and to find calmness even in the most stressful or challenging situations. Yoga can help create an internal environment that is conducive to being conscientious about our actions and our emotions. It helps us be present, and it can help us react in a more conscious and controlled way. It also make us feel great!

What is yoga

In general terms, yoga is a an ancient practice which has the following main aims:

  • To quiet the mind and help the practitioner be more present
  • To create awareness through physical movements, breathing, and meditation techniques
  • To connect the practitioner to something greater than the self 

Aside from the mental perks, yoga also has great physical and physiological perks. With continued practice, practitioners will see an increase in strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and energy, to name a few. The most basic answer to the question “Why practice yoga?” is that it can benefit aspect of your life. Not only that, it is such an all-encompassing practice that we are certain that almost every single individual — old or young, male or female, athletic or sedentary, with or without perfect health — and could enhance their lives, and likely in more than just one way.

Why practice yoga

Yoga, like life, is a constant challenge. Yet with practice and commitment, we find our strength, our grace, and above all our awareness.

Practicing yoga can have many different meanings and definitions, depending on the person’s level, experience, way of life, and reasons for doing yoga. One’s personal definition of yoga may evolve as they evolve in their practice. While at the beginning it may be a good technique to relax, to strengthen their body, to increase flexibility, or to learn to concentrate a little bit more. Yet if you practice consistently for a longer period of time, it might become more of an internal experience, an inner journey, and a way to discover something new about (or improve something within), yourself.

As Tim Miller, a senior Ashtanga yoga teacher, said: “Yoga is about opening up the heart”.


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Yoga at Bodhi Shambala

We offer Vinyasa-style yoga classes, which provide for a more vigorous practice that focuses on both breathing and the physical flow and movement. The word “Vinyasa” literally means “connection”, and that is what the “asanas”, or poses, aim to do — connect to one another to create a flow of movement that is designed to create heat and get the blood flowing. Practiced in such a warm and humid climate also promotes sweating and purification of the body. This style of yoga is an excellent way to energize the body while also looking inward to our thoughts, our concentration, and the importance of the breath.

But, the true Bodhi experience is the union of both yoga and surfing, which is why we have created our pinnacle package, the 7-day surf and yoga camp, which features an intentional yoga curriculum which designed to take its students through many different aspects of the yoga practice: physical, mental, and spiritual. Our yoga instructors recognize that everyone has different strengths and limitations, and provide different modifications to the postures to allow students to utilize their strengths while at the same time improving the areas that may need more work. The priorities of yoga at Bodhi are always that participants are safe, having a good time, and learning something new.

A dedicated week of practice at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Practicing yoga at Bodhi may prove to be different than anything you’ve ever done before. Our guests come from every walk of life, some have never done yoga in their life, others are long-time practitioners, or yoga teachers themselves. They may come to have a life-changing experience in Costa Rica, they may come to invest some much-needed time and energy into themselves, they may just come to jump-start a healthy lifestyle. They may come for none of the above reasons, but find that it does all of those things. Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s 7-day, intensive surf and yoga camp features a yoga curriculum that aims to teach different aspects of the yoga practice, make long-held tension melt away, and complement the co-activity, surfing.

Yoga and surfing are more than mere physical activities: they are more like entire ways of life, and each has its own corresponding paradigm and philosophy. As yoga focuses on breathing, balance, flexibility, and strength, it is an excellent complement to surfing — many of professional surfing’s “greats” practice yoga regularly to better their surfing skills and ability. Yoga teaches us to be aware of both what’s going on inside ourselves as well as what’s happening in our surroundings, as well as to be present and completely in the moment, aspects that will make us better in the water. We try to incorporate this way of thinking — awareness of self, environment, and the interconnectedness of everything — into each yoga (and incidentally, surf) class.

Benefits of surfing + yoga

We designed our Bodhi Sessions after five years of being in business and working with countless individuals and groups, some of whom did surfing or yoga on their own, and others who did them together. We noticed that our guests benefitted so greatly from doing the two together; that they learned better, their bodies were more relaxed, and their minds more open.

Whether you are more strongly interested in one or the other, or are curious about each activity, whether your most pressing desire is either learning to surf or improving your yoga practice — we highly encourage you to try both and commit to doing the full week of Bodhi Sessions.


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Why Choose Bodhi Sessions

We have designed an effective program to overcome the obstacles and challenges of learning to surf. In one week, we cover the core fundamentals needed to help you on your path to becoming an independent surfer.



We believe that one of the greatest benefits of Bodhi Sessions is the fact that yoga is not just an add-on activity, but a fundamental part of the surfing experience. Yoga provides much-needed balance (no pun intended) of physical strength-building and stretching, and is designed to complement the building crescendo of the surf sessions.

Even if you think you’re coming to Bodhi Surf + Yoga because you want to surf, and are doing the yoga “just ‘cause it’s included”, you may find that the yoga portion ends up being the most groundbreaking experience that you have. For many, it has been an unexpected gem, a highlight of their whole trip. Doing yoga overlooking the vividly green jungle surrounding the Bodhi lodge as the tropical birds chirp their beautiful songs will make for extra special experiences to take home from your Costa Rica vacation.



Bodhi Sessions is actually even more than surfing and yoga. It’s the community we have within the lodge and with guests from all over, our place in the little Costa Rican community that we operate within, the truly magnificent environment that surrounds us that you really must experience with your own sense to understand how beautiful it is. It’s the healthy, delicious food served at the Bodhi lodge, the quaint setting to rest and relax between activities, the therapeutic mattresses to get good rest on, the natural pool to cool off in.

Of course, we want you to get that jump-start to either make yoga a part or a bigger part of your life, or to feel either an improvement in your already-existing yoga practice. With five intentional, mounting yoga sessions in a week, there is plenty of opportunity for that to happen! For more information, head over to our Bodhi Sessions page.


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