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For many years, Costa Rica has had a reputation of having an abundance of perfect waves and paradisiacal scenery. As a safe, clean, and friendly country, Costa Rica is the perfect place for a family surfing camp, or a surf vacation with friends, your significant other, or even on your own. But these are not the only reasons that make this place great for a surf trip, there is also:

  • Warm water year-round
  • Plenty of uncrowded breaks
  • Relatively inexpensive flights
  • Friendly residents (many of whom speak English)

The country’s impressive environmental reputation and “Pura Vida” way of living are characteristics that we at Bodhi Surf + Yoga value and are some of the reasons that we are very proud to call Costa Rica home. We are also happy to reside in a community that has a pristine and uncrowded beach that is perfect for learning and practicing, and excited to share with our surf and yoga camp visitors!

Waves On The Pacific And Caribbean Coasts

Already know how to surf? Costa Rica has surfable spots on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. While the Pacific is the more popular surfing destination, with its 631 miles of coastline and year-round opportunities to find waves, the Caribbean, with 132 miles of coastline, also has some good surf.

Central Pacific

On the Central Pacific coast the popular areas for surfing are around Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Each region has a solid number of breaks with the Jaco area being better known for Playa Hermosa and other challenging surf breaks for the experienced surfer, while the Manuel Antonio region can be better suited better suited for the beginner and intermediate surfer.

South Pacific & Osa

The more recognized areas for surfing in the South Pacific are around Dominical, Matapalo, and Pavones. This region of Costa Rica offers great waves for intermediate and experienced surfers for about six months out of the year, and without the crowds of the Northwest or Central Pacific. The rest of the year the waves are smaller and more suited to beginner and intermediate surfers.

Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula in the Northwest of Costa Rica offers a variety of volcanic rock, reef, and sandbar breaks. This region is home to popular breaks such as Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock. In the areas around Tamarindo, Avellanas, Nosara, and Mal Pais there are tons of surf breaks with waves for surfers of all ability levels.


The Caribbean coast offers a completely different vibe than the Pacific with some excellent options for the experienced surfers that include the famous Salsa Brava — a Hawaiian-style reef break that can hold overhead surf — Isla Uvita and Playa Cocoles. Keep in mind the surf season is shorter on the Caribbean side, with virtually no surf for a better part of the year (though when it’s good, it’s good).

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No better place for learning how to surf

Costa Rica has some of the best conditions for learning how to surf. Its extensive Pacific coastline offers plenty of waves for surfers of all levels. While experienced surfers will find the warm waters and uncrowded surf spots a nice break from the typical surf scene in places like California or the East Coast of the United States, novices benefit greatly from the same conditions which allow them to stay in the water for longer periods of time and catch many more waves than they would at a crowded spot. The teaching style at Bodhi can be of great benefit to anyone who wants to improve their surfing, have a wonderful experience in nature, and an enjoyable and adventure-filled vacation!

Surfing with Bodhi

There are many surf camps and schools throughout Costa Rica, so how do you choose? Well, luckily there are several factors that set Bodhi apart from the crowd. First of all, we are located in a very pristine region of Costa Rica, one that is still relatively untouched by development and tourism, and where its natural wonders are still the primary attraction. The beach itself is within the Marino Ballena National Park, which means it is clean, quiet, and often a great place to spot tropical wildlife in its natural habitat. The waves are perfect for learning and developing your skill under the watchful eye of a skilled Bodhi instructor, who teaches our tried and tested surf curriculum.

Surfing is awesome — we’re obsessed with it — but interestingly, we have created the Bodhi experience to be about much more than just surfing. Yoga is also central to our Bodhi Sessions because surfing and yoga are mutually beneficial activities. Imagine spending your morning pushing yourself to the limit on your surfboard, then spending your evening unwinding on the yoga mat as you stretch and rejuvenate your muscles during a sunset yoga session, listening to the gentle rustling of trees and happy chirps of exotic birds.


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Learn what makes Bodhi different from other surf and yoga camps

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