Global Donations

As a member of a larger global community, we at Bodhi Surf + Yoga feel obligated to contribute on a global level, and one way we have been able to do that is by donating our services to different fundraising efforts to be resold or auctioned. Throughout the years, we have made donations to different groups, organizations, or movements whose values are aligned with our own. Since 2013, we have been making donations of our products and services to causes that are important to us.

Recipient organizations are most often within the industries of responsible travel, marine conservation, and plastic reduction, below are some we’ve supported in the past.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of San Diego

Our first donation was in 2013, and we donated a 7-day surf vacation package for four people estimated at $3,500 to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of San Diego’s 100 Holes for 100 Kids. In 2014, we donated the event’s grand prize (a 7-day surf and yoga vacation for two), and one woman wanted it so much that she raised nearly $10,000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters in order to win it!

Center for Responsible Travel

We have donated to the responsible travel non-profit CREST every year since 2014, and as of 2017 we donated four separate surf and yoga vacation packages valued at nearly $11,800. The donations have gone towards CREST’s Eco-Auctions, the funding is used for their work “to minimize the negative environmental impacts of travel and tourism”. We are proud to be an official partner of CREST and have agreed to annually donate one trip for a CREST auction for the next 5 years.

The Surfrider Foundation

In 2015, we donated two vacation packages, valued at $5,800, to this well-known environmental nonprofit for their Two Coasts, One Ocean annual fundraiser events in Montauk and Malibu. The packages helped to raise $7,500 for Surfrider and their mission of protecting waves, beaches, and oceans.

Other global donations

Adventure Scientist

We donated a vacation package valued at $2,600 to Adventure Scientist, an environmental education nonprofit that “equips partners with data collected from the outdoors that are crucial to unlocking solutions to the world's environmental challenges” for their fundraising efforts.

5 Gyres

We donate to nonprofit 5 Gyres, a nonprofit organization that focuses on reducing plastic pollution in our oceans and on our planet, for two years running — in 2016 a vacation valued at $2,600 to their Outdoor Retailer event, and in 2017 another vacation valued at $2,600 to their Voices 4 Oceans Event.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

We donated a vacation package valued at $2,600 to the global alliance known as Plastic Pollution Coalition for a gala dinner event which aimed to raise funds and awareness about reducing single-use plastics on a global level.

The Bodhi Wave

In 2016, we donated $6,300 in Bodhi vacations and services to contribute to the production of The Bodhi Wave, a documentary on the challenges of unsustainable tourism practices and development in Costa Rica.


Bodhi Surf + Yoga is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, and our business a tool by which we forge a better world. Read on to see the various ways how.

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