Spreading Environmental Awareness

At Bodhi, we have a unique opportunity to not only provide our guests with powerful experiences in a beautiful, protected natural area, but to also utilize those moments as a catalyst to create long-term behavioral change among our guests. We have found a way to utilize what we do — hosting surf and yoga camps — as a vehicle to spread environmental awareness. We call this process of helping to create conscious and committed environmentalists our Ocean Guardian Program.

Surf and yoga curricula

By combining surfing and yoga, our camp curricula has been designed with two intentions in mind: first, to teach, really teach, to delve deep into these influential practices, and utilize our passion and knowledge to spark something within our guests; second, to harness these potentially revolutionary experiences in the natural world and help our guests identify them as compelling reasons to change their behavior once they get back to their normal lives. After years of working in marine tourism and outdoor education, we are convinced that a strong connection between individuals and the natural world — usually sparked by a powerful experience in the great outdoors — is necessary to becoming a committed conservationist. Our surf and yoga curricula are designed to do just that.

Ocean Guardian Pledge & Digest

Our guests return home from their surf and yoga experience in Bahia Ballena with open hearts and fresh eyes, and it’s at that moment that we believe they are most like to begin implementing changes in their lives and routines to reduce their environmental impact. To solidify their commitment, we offer our guests the opportunity to sign our Ocean Guardian Pledge and subsequently receive our monthly digest, which features one concrete pro-environmental action per month. The Ocean Guardian Pledge and Digest are also available to the general public.

Ocean Guardian Contest

Since 2013, we have been holding our Ocean Guardian Contest, an annual, online contest that celebrates pro-environmental action taken by individuals. We believe that individual pro-environmental action is not given enough recognition, yet we know that individual action is such an important component of lasting change. So we created a space where motivated environmental stewards and changemakers have the opportunity to show a larger audience what they do for our planet. We create the platform and structure, secure support from other environmentally-focused companies, donate our own surf and yoga camp for two as the grand prize — and watch the magic happen. Every year, we have been so incredibly inspired by the entries and have seen just how refreshing it is to see this grassroots activism in action.

Participating in formal research studies

We have been participants in three different formal research studies which aim to glean the effects of nature-based, outdoor education and service-focused tourism. The first study, For-profit Environmental Voluntourism in Costa Rica: Host Community, Teen Volunteer, and Environmental Outcomes, is being conducted is by A.J. Schneller, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Skidmore College. The second study is conducted is being by Carter Hunt, Ph. D., Assistant Professor in the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management department at Penn State University, and is entitled Forging Ocean Guardians: The Influence of Nature-Based Tourism Activities on Pro-Environmental Behavior. The third is a study in a climate change publication being co-published by the Center for Responsible Travel entitled Marine Tourism and Climate Change.


Bodhi is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, and is a tool by which we are forging a better world. Read on to see how we are doing this.

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