Community Investment

At Bodhi, we like to be active and invest in our community because as individuals we love our home and as a business we depend on its well-being; moreover, we know that a community that is well cared for is a community that thrives. When we can invest time and energy, we directly participate in community initiatives; when we have less free time or our participation isn’t as vital, we invest capital to organizations or projects that positively impact our community.

How we do this

We invest in our community through projects of our own design, programs under our management, and initiatives that others have started and that we support with input or donations. While we do love designing and managing our own community investment projects, we believe that supporting others’ hard work is often doubly valuable.

Travelers' Philanthropy

Bodhi donates a $20 gift card to each full paying surf and yoga camp guest. These donations help support the operations of three local nonprofits, Geoporter, Forjando Alas, and Asana, which work in the areas of marine conservation and youth development. Recently, the funding has been used by the organizations for the Bahia Ballena Libre de Plástico, an initiative that is driving our community to reduce or refuse to consume single-use plastics. The Travelers’ Philanthropy Program also provides an opportunity for guests to match or add to the donation to support our local community.

Global Leadership Adventures

Since 2013, Bodhi Surf + Yoga has worked with Global Leadership Adventures (GLA), hosting and managing at first one and now two high school student community service programs in Bahia Ballena annually. These programs provide employment to local community members, tens of thousands of dollars of capital investment, and thousands of hours of community service by hundreds of students and community members.

Infrastructure & Education

We have invested time, money, and energy into improving our community’s infrastructure, including local roads, waterways, and the national marine park. We have also contributed to local elementary schools by building biogardens to improve the wastewater situation, helping with other infrastructure projects, and working with the Physical Education program.

Other community investments


It is within our best interests that our employees be well-trained, make a living wage, and have other benefits from working with us. We believe in going above and beyond with our employees, not just for the benefits that it brings us as a business but also because of the benefits it brings our town. 

Safety & Security Council

Bodhi Surf + Yoga has dedicated both time and money to the Safety and Security council because living in a safe and secure place allows all community members to thrive and feel free. In addition, we all depend on tourism for our livelihood; therefore, it is in all of our vested interest to work together to safeguard our community.

Lifeguard Program

In 2015, our community decided to form the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Committee. As it is an issue that is very near and dear to our hearts, and we know that the lifeguards work very hard and often receive very low pay due to lack of funding, Bodhi began donating in 2017.


Bodhi is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, and is a tool by which we are forging a better world. Read on to see how we are doing this.

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Community investments

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