Investing in Our Home Community

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we are active and invest in our community because as individuals we love our home and as a business we depend on its well-being. We know that if a community is well cared for, it will thrive. When we can invest time and energy, we directly participate in community initiatives; when we have less free time or our participation is not as vital, we invest capital to organizations or projects that will positively impact our home.

How we do this

We invest in our community through projects of our own design, programs under our management, and initiatives that others have started and that we support with input or donations. While we love designing and managing our own community investment projects, we believe that supporting our neighbors’ hard work is often doubly valuable!

Travelers' Philanthropy Program

Fundacíon SOMOS

Bodhi Surf + Yoga donates $20 on behalf of each full-paying surf and yoga camp guest. These donations go directly to the local community foundation, Fundación SOMOS, which then distributes it to one of the many locally-operating nonprofits, projects, and initiatives. Some of the areas of focus are conservation, youth leadership development, and safety and security. The Travelers’ Philanthropy Program also provides an opportunity for guests to match or surpass this the donation to support the community they just visited!

Getting our Hands Dirty

Donating our Personal Time

Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-owners and staff all donate their time and talent to various community organizations. Travis Bays is a founder and the Vice President of Fundación SOMOS. Pilar Salazar is the President of the Bahia Ballena Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. Adrianne Chandra-Huff donates time to the marketing and communications efforts by SOMOS. Other team members donate their creative skills to community foundations and other important goings-on, such as those on behalf of the the national park, the lifeguards, etc. 

Other donations

Infrastructure & Education

Through the yeras, Bodhi Surf + Yoga has invested time, money, and energy into improving our community’s infrastructure — including local roads, waterways, and the Marino Ballena National Park. We have also contributed to local elementary schools by building biogardens to improve the wastewater situation, helping with other infrastructure projects, and working with the local elementary school's Physical Education program.

Other community investments

Lifeguard Program

In 2015, our community decided to form the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Committee. It is an issue that is understandable near and dear to our hearts. The lifeguards work very hard and often receive very low pay due to lack of funding. Bodhi Surf + Yoga participated in the "Dollar a Day" fundraising intiative in 2021.


We want our employees be well-trained, make a living wage, continue their education, see other benefit from working at Bodhi Surf + Yoga. We believe in going above and beyond with our employees, not just for the benefits that it brings us as a business, but also because of the benefits it brings our home. 

Alliance of Organizations

Through its work for Fundacíon SOMOS, Bodhi Surf + Yoga has been a part of the new Alliance of Organizations, a public-private partnership that developed in 2020 which aims to unite the voices of various community players. It has been instrumental in working in conjunction with the Marino Ballena National Park in the pandemic era. 

Safety & Security Council

Bodhi Surf + Yoga helped create the Safety and Security council. Having a safe and secure community allows all residents and visitors to thrive and flourish. In addition, we all depend on tourism for our livelihood. It is should be in the interest of all stakeholders to work together to safeguard our community.


Bodhi Surf + Yoga is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, and our business a tool by which we forge a better world. Read on to see the various ways how.

Community programs

Community investments

Environmental awareness

Impact reduction

Global donations

Responsible travel


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