Online Cooking Course

Healthy and delicious recipes in both live and pre-recorded videos. If you can't get to us, we'll come to you. 

What Your Bodhi Online Membership Includes

  • 5 multi-series yoga course
  • 1 LIVE 75-minute Asana class per week
  • 1 LIVE cooking class per month
  • 1 LIVE philosophy class per month
  • 2 exclusive yoga blogs per month
  • 1 pre-recorded interview video per month
  • All recordings of courses and live classes are accessible anytime
  • PLUS we will be adding new courses to our library often

Just $29 per month!

Online Yoga & Cooking Courses with Bodhy Surf + Yoga


Each class will have two main components: a short discussion about a topic pertaining to eating + living well, sustainability in the kitchen, or cooking as an expression of love. After that, the cooking will begin! Participants will receive the ingredient list for the class 72 hours prior to each meeting.


  • Recipes and ingredient lists
  • A 75-90 minute cooking class per month


  • Recipes are healthy, homemade, and largely plant-based
  • Whenever possible, there will be alternatives provided for dietary restrictions (lactose intolerant, GF, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)

Meet Your Instructor

Adrianne Chandra Huff

Adrianne is the fun-seeker, socialite, and extrovert of Bodhi, a fact obvious to all who come into contact with her. She relishes spending time with the Bodhi guests, conversing, teaching, learning, and laughing. Being a creative and linguistically-inclined individual, Adrianne enjoys taking on the tasks of content creation: writing, editing, management of visual content generation. She also loves to create in the kitchen, and has designed the menu and currently manages the Bodhi kitchen. Travel, reading, and surfing are probably the three biggest teachers that Adrianne has ever had, and their presence in her life has undoubtedly altered its course (for the better!). She is a Board of Directors member of the nonprofit Geoporter, the creator of the B Corp Travel and Tourism group, and a former panelist about tourism and responsible business at several conferences and speaking events. Outside of work, Adrianne is a cat mom, a people-lover, a champion for social and environmental justice, and a dance party queen.