Surf in a Marine Protected Area

Playa Colonia is the beach where Bodhi surf and yoga camp guests hone their surfing ability. In addition to being an ideal place for newbie surfers to learn and progress, Playa Colonia sits within the Marino Ballena National Park — Costa Rica’s first marine National Park! So not only will you get to enjoy the temperate and tropical waters of Costa Rica’s South Pacific, you also have the added benefit of being in a place where marine protection is a topmost priority, meaning you will enjoy clean waters and perhaps even see an ocean animal or two!

First marine park in costa rica

The Marino Ballena National Park was created in 1989 to protect coral reefs and the visiting humpback whales — the park’s conservation area covers 110 land hectares and 5,385 ocean hectares. It was listed by National Geographic Spain as one of ten best destinations in the world for whale and dolphin watching, and one of the most important habitats for humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean.

A Pristine surfing beach

Your experience learning to surf with Bodhi Surf + Yoga means sharing this remarkable space with its inhabitants: whales, dolphins, turtles, pelicans, and other marine and terrestrial wildlife. The area has adopted a model of economic development that values conservation, which means that as you sit on your board, looking inland from the ocean, your view will be of the unadorned coastal mountain range instead of a line of high-rise hotels.

An ideal beach for learning to surf

Playa Colonia is the beach within the Marino Ballena National park where Bodhi holds its surf lessons. It is a long and gradually sloping sandy beach that makes for a wonderful place to hang out and lay low. There are a number of factors that make this beach the best place to learn how to surf: sandy bottom, gently sloping beach, beginner-friendly and slow rolling waves, tropical waters, and the lack of crowds.

A meaningful experience in nature

Our goal at Bodhi is to help shape responsible, independent surfers and yogis who are not only skilled in the sport, but also have a heightened awareness and sensitivity towards the environment in which the sport is practiced. The classroom — Marino Ballena National Park and our Bodhi lodge — provides us with a unique opportunity to provide memorable experiences and facilitate educational opportunities that create lasting pro-environmental behavior change in our patrons and guests, and having them become Ocean Guardians. Join us for this rare opportunity to surf inside a beautiful, well-preserved, and pristine area — and allow it to inspire you!


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