Small Groups, Personalized Service

Our company believes in the saying “small is beautiful”, and we take great care and pride in providing a personalized and intimate experience at Bodhi Surf + Yoga. Our surf and yoga lodge can host a maximum of 10 people per week, and we maintain small groups for both our surf lessons and yoga classes to ensure that each participant is receiving the attention and instruction he or she requires. On top of that, we — the business owners — are the ones who put your trip together, answer any pre-trip questions you may have, host you at the Bodhi Lodge, and serve as your surf and yoga instructors.

Sharing our home

As owners, we feel a great sense of responsibility to complete our mission:

To provide memorable travel experiences that facilitate learning through exposure to the people and environment of the place we call home.

How do we go about doing that, you may wonder? There are several ways, but they all stem from the same root — that Bodhi uses a hands-on approach at every step.

Our promises

  • Ensure that your surf and yoga vacation exceeds expectations from a logistics and service standpoint
  • Share our passions and knowledge through our combined surf and yoga curricula
  • Spend time to get to know each and every guest, sharing stories, and facilitating fun, learning experiences
  • Give you the opportunity to get involved in the social and environmental work that we are doing
  • Do our very best to ensure that this is not just a vacation — it’s an experience you will remember for the rest of your life

Getting "schooled" at Bodhi Surf + Yoga

One of Bodhi’s overarching goals is to teach, and we maintain small groups in order to do this effectively. In the surfing and yoga portion of your week, you will spend time learning about the fundamentals. For us, these are much more than just workouts or activities to be checked off your bucket list — they are lifestyles in and of themselves. We adjust our surf instruction according to each person’s pace in soaking up the knowledge and developing the necessary skills. Likewise for yoga, we have a curriculum designed specifically for our Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camps and it is personalized to account for every guest’s previous yoga experience, health and injuries, and intention.

There is so much else to learn during a week-long stay at Bodhi — from community engagement to environmental empowerment to better business — we know that our guests will walk away with a new breadth of knowledge, and the inspiration that new knowledge brings!

Becoming part of the family

Guests often state that coming to Bodhi feels like coming home (a home that just so happens to be in a quaint community on the lush Pacific coast of Costa Rica)! The atmosphere we offer at the Bodhi lodge is more “cozy and relaxed vibes” than it is “private villas”. What you can anticipate during your stay at Bodhi is that you become part of our little tribe. You will have plenty of opportunity to get to know the Bodhi owners, chat with the staff as they practice their English skills, and even engage with locals in our community. We are a small, family business and an owner-operated company, and if this does not sound like your ideal vacation, we understand completely. We realize that what we are doing and what we offer is very unique.


When it comes to surf and yoga tourism, Bodhi is in a class of its own.
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A balanced surf camp designed for families with children. Spend three days learning some new skills and three more days exploring the Uvita area!



A holistic surf and yoga camp for adults — week-long, set-date vacations that promote learning, community engagement, and fun!

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