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Bodhi Shambala — it’s the name of our yoga studio, “shambala” translating to a place of peace and tranquility. That’s exactly what we have endeavored to create with this yoga shala (or “space”).

It is a two-story, wooden, and open-air structure near the back of the Bodhi property that is above the trees and faces the rest of the lodge, the pool, and and the creek bed. The yoga platform itself is probably the coolest place on the entire Bodhi lodge. It is on the second story where it is both shady and breezy for the majority of the day. It is also a great place to be for both sunrise and sunset hours when the light is at its best, the temperature is at its coolest, and you have a lovely view of the mountains, trees, and birds. For these reasons and more, it is an excellent spot to practice yoga while you are in Costa Rica!

Bodhi Shambala

About Bodhi Shambala Yoga Studio

Like in any Latin American community, it is never completely silent, yet the sounds can be both comforting and exotic, and may end up being one of your sweetest memories of your time here. Rain, birds, other animals, the creek, the wind, the sounds of a small community: these will be the audio backdrop to your yoga practice — uniquely small-town Costa Rica.

We call the bottom floor of the Bodhi Shambala yoga studio “Serenidad”, Spanish for “serenity”, and it is designed for quiet relaxation. It has an area with ample and comfortable sitting space, its own bathroom, and plenty of books to read during your stay.

Our yoga studio is part of the larger Bodhi lodge, situated within the community of Bahia Ballena. It is within walking distance to both the services of both Bahia Ballena and Uvita, as well as the marine national park which contains the beach. That means, if you are doing both yoga and surfing, it is entirely feasible that you can do both in one day, and more!

For those staying at the Bodhi Surf and Yoga lodge, the yoga platform is yours to use when there are no classes in session. You can do your own yoga practice, meditate, or just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of Bahia Ballena.


  • Two-story wooden structure

  • Ground level: reading / meditation area 'Serenidad'

  • Top level: Bodhi Shambala yoga platform

  • Can comfortably fit 12 students

  • Max capacity: 15 students

Bodhi Shambala Studio Etiquette

  1. Please arrive for class with enough time to sign in and set up your practice space. If it is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time in order to check in.
  2. Respect your fellow practitioners: attendees who arrive five minutes or more past the class start-time will not be admitted.
  3. Savasana — the final relaxation at the end of the class — is an extremely important time for your practice; once in Savasana, we ask that you stay until the class is completely over as not to disrupt the other students.
  4. The yoga shala is for bare feet only; we ask that you leave your shoes downstairs.
  5. The yoga shala is a phone-free zone, please turn the volume off your cellphone (and any other electronic devices), and leave them downstairs.
  6. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. We recommend not eating two hours prior to and after your class though drinking plenty of water is advised!
  7. Please mention any pre-existing injury or medical condition to the instructor before class starts.
  8. If you are using mats from the studio, please help clean them and hang them before leaving.
  9. Our regular yoga classes are customized for adults. If you would like your children to be present during class or participate in a yoga session, we are happy to schedule a private family yoga session.


Together is better

Yoga and surfing are very complementary to one another, and practicing them together is mutually beneficial. Surfing is an unique activity that brings participants closer to nature, offering them an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the ocean in a primal way. Surfing allows guests to put what they learn on the mat into practice, especially the more mental elements of letting go, getting out of your comfort zone, and getting back to nature. Participating both activities will make for the ideal vacation for anyone who is interested in getting outdoors, being active, learning both about themselves and about something greater than themselves, making friends, and having an all around awesome time!


Surf & Yoga camps

We hope that you will find that doing yoga in Costa Rica and with a Costa Rican instructor to be a different and enlightening experience than in your country of origin — like a yogic cultural exchange! We know that doing yoga on your vacation in Costa Rica is a great complement to other activities, and especially surfing — which is why we specialize in both. For us, it’s all about the yoga and the surfing, for that reason, we have designed our Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camps which feature ample time on both the yoga mat and the surfboard.



Room Amistad

Private room that accommodates 2 people

Room Amistad

A private room with two single beds that can accommodate 2 guests. Room Amistad is located on a second story above the dinning area Alegria. It is a great option for two friends traveling together. 

Room Armonia

Private room that accommodates 2 people

Room Armonia

A private hotel-style room with a full-sized bed which can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Armonia is located on a second story, above the dinning area Alegria. It is the best choice for solo travelers.

Bungalow Espiritu

Independent bungalow that accommodates 2 people

Bungalow Espiritu

An independent studio-style bungalow that contains one queen bed and a small kitchenette. The perfect choice for a couple.

Bungalow Gratitud

Independent bungalow that accommodates 4 people

Bungalow Gratitud

Gratitud has one queen bed, two single beds, one day bed and a well-equipped kitchenette. It is the best choice for a family or group of 3 or 4 people.

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Learn what makes Bodhi different from other surf and yoga camps

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