Travelers' Philanthropy Program

Bodhi Surf + Yoga launched its very own Travelers’ Philanthropy Program in 2014, inspired by pioneers in the responsible travel industry, such as our friends from the Center for Responsible Travel. We chose to start our own Travelers’ Philanthropy Program to ensure any funds we raised remain within our community, and be allocated to projects or organizations that we see firsthand are doing good work and could use the support. Read on to learn how Bodhi Surf + Yoga, our guests, and local non-profits have joined forces and are working towards ensuring a healthy environment and community in Bahia Ballena – Uvita.

Interconnected goals

Bodhi Surf + Yoga helps to foster a sense of long-term investment between our guests and the community through our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program. We do this in a variety of different ways, which ensures that we are giving back and contributing to the improvement of this special place that we call home. Breaking away from the traditional model of soliciting funds directly from patrons, Bodhi Surf + Yoga allocates $20 from each full paying surf and yoga camp guest for the community foundation, Fundación SOMOS. Guests are also given the opportunity to match or add to the donation that supports our local community!

A truly symbiotic relationship

At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we understand that the three entities — community, business, and traveler — must have a mutually beneficial relationship to ensure continued success. Our guests, in choosing us, are in essence "dollar voting" for corporate responsibility by giving their business to a company that is rooted in community involvement, conservation, and responsible travel.

Want to contribute?

Get involved by supporting the local organizations that carry out work in benefit of our community. Even a small monthly donation goes a long way in supporting the nonprofits, projects, and initiatives under the umbrella of Fundación SOMOS.


Bodhi Surf + Yoga is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, and our business a tool by which we forge a better world. Read on to see the various ways how.

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