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Bodhi Surf + Yoga is excited to announce that as of August 2018, we are officially a part of 1% for the Planet. Many may recognize their logo and mission as their have been around for over 15 years. For those who don’t, 1% for the Planet is “[a] global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. More than $175 Million dollars given back to the environment”. Bodhi is very proud to join this movement, which is comprised of committed environmental stewards and Ocean Guardians. We look forward to utilizing this partnership to amplify our own impact as well as continue learning from and being inspired by the best.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga joins 1% for the Planet

Why we joined 1% for the Planet

For many years, Bodhi strove to be a responsible business, yet never sought any form of official certification or formalized partnerships. Yet, we were encouraged and inspired to become a Certified B Corporation. Since then, we have learned so much from this amazing community. We realized that certifications and partnerships can be incredibly valuable for those who take advantage of their resources. We were also encouraged by (now fellow) 1% for the Planet members such as Bernie and Christie Geiss from Cove Continuity Inc. and Caroleigh Pierce of Klean Kanteen. People whose opinions we always seek and respect!

1% for the Planet states on their website, we can all “do more together than [we] can alone”, and we know this to be true. Their work aligns with our environmental mission of reducing our impact, inspiring pro-environmental change, and supporting those organizations that work for the collective good of humankind. Therefore, it was a natural step for us to seek entry into this network of exemplary organizations.

What being a part of 1% for the Planet means for Bodhi

We expect to gain a great deal from this network in a few different ways:

  • Counsel: utilizing the expertise and global nature of this organization to continue learning, growing, and doing even more as a business.
  • Connection: connecting with like-minded organizations and become a part of different grassroots movements around the globe.
  • Reach: tapping into the network of businesses and nonprofits, and also take advantage of the growing brand recognition that 1% for the Planet enjoys to amplify our own influence

In short, we can benefit greatly from membership in this organization. Most importantly, we intend to take advantage of this new wealth of resources to continue doing work that benefits our local and global environments. We hope to work with existing 1% for the Planet companies in the travel industry as well as encourage our peers in travel and tourism to join on!

Learn more about 1% for the Planet

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with 1% for the Planet’s website and mission. Take a look at their logo, and then be on the lookout for it. Give your support for companies who are taking the initiative to protect our planet and support environmental solutions. Planet earth is our shared home, and we will all benefit from a healthy environment!

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