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Costa Rica has seen an influx of Certified B Corp businesses over the past year or so. Bodhi Surf + Yoga is proud of this movement — and even more proud to be a part of it! From using Florex’s products to keep the Bodhi lodge clean to stashing Nahua Chocolate in our freezer to satisfy our craving for sweets, we love supporting local businesses that value B Corp’s message as much as we do. Helping out fellow B Corp businesses not only helps them succeed, but also encourages other businesses to think about becoming B Corp certified as well.

Ecofriendly cleaning products

Photo c/o Florex

Florex cleaning solutions

Florex is a San Jose-based company that makes cleaning products that are safe for both humans and the environment. Their philosophy shows how committed they are to doing exactly that: Florex has four commitments — people, the community, development, and the environment — and their products are safe for all. Though they just received their B Corp certification in April of 2017, their B score shows that they have been committed to the message of B Corp for much longer; their overall B Score is an 87 out of 200, while the average score of businesses that complete the B Corp Assessment is a 55. Wow! We’re happy to support a business that not only makes effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, but one that has become a part of a bigger movement here in Costa Rica. Getting B Corp certified is not an easy task, but businesses like Florex show that it is indeed possible.

Clean energy Costa Rica

Photo c/o YUXTA

YUXTA energy

YUXTA is an innovative energy company that works out of countries in Central America and the Caribbean to provide homes and businesses with clean, affordable energy. They hope to move these countries away from reliance on fossil fuels and transition to using renewable energy sources instead. Working within multiple countries tasks YUXTA with the need to work within multiple energy infrastructures; to account for these differences, YUXTA sets different short and long-term goals for each country they work with. According to the B Corp website,“in Costa Rica with 98% Renewable Electricity, their aim is to develop 250MWp of distributed photovoltaic energy in the next five years to postpone new thermal and hydroelectric plants, savings the rivers they will use. With this new power and implementing electric vehicles they will substitute imported oil for renewable locally produced electricity, for a huge social, economic and environmental impact.”

We believe that YUXTA is doing incredible work on both a large scale, in working with businesses and governments, and small scale, in working with individual families and communities. We’re also looking forward to partnering with YUXTA in the future as we move towards our goal of becoming Carbon Neutral and know that they’ll play an invaluable role in the process!

B Corp law firm Costa Rica

Photo c/o S.e.e.d.

S.e.e.d law firm

S.e.e.d. is a B Corp certified law firm specializing in impact investments. They cover all of the legal needs of their clients — from NGOs, startups and SMEs to investors and corporations — who are located throughout a spectrum of impact investments in Latin America. S.e.e.d. provides their clients with legal solutions to improve their long-term carbon footprint. As part of its client portfolio in Osa, they have been serving as a pro bono legal advisor for Caminos de Osa for almost three years, an organization that Travis Bays works closely with. Their main role has been the legal accompaniment to the Board of Directors in the decision making process that has to do with the organization’s growth strategy. The team at S.e.e.d. is extremely pleased to support such a high impact initiative in the Osa Peninsula, and we at Bodhi Surf + Yoga are happy to be involved!

Pucci photography

Pucci is a company that Bodhi Surf + Yoga has used for both photography and book printing, and we love that we get such high quality products while contributing to a company with such a fantastic mission. According to the B Corp website, “The Puccis, Juan Jose, Sergio and Giancarlo, [are a] family of photographers have been traveling together for more than 30 years across the most singular corners of their native Costa Rica. Their FSC certified books and calendars are their way of sharing with the world their passion for their country, its nature and its people.” This family business has found a way to uphold the B Corp standards while still taking beautiful pictures and creating beautiful books and calendars. By using Pucci, it’s great to know that we’ll always get fantastic results while supporting a fellow B Corp business.

Costa Rican chocolate company

Nahua chocolates

Finally, when we’re craving something sweet, we head right for Nahua Chocolate, a Heredia-based company. According to the B Corp website, “Nahua sources the finest cacao beans from smallholder growers who respect the environment and the rights of workers,” meaning you can enjoy delicious, authentic Costa Rican chocolate and coffee while feeling good about supporting the local economy and environment. Certified since August 2016, this company is truly committed to B Corp and everything it stands for. Enjoying some of Nahua’s delicious chocolate isn’t the only way to support this business—the company offers cacao tours so interested visitors can take a look into the process that goes into making the sweet treat! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

B Corps Costa Rica

Photo c/o Sistema B

Looking forward

As of right now, these are the B Corp businesses here in Costa Rica, but we know this number will continue to grow! We’re excited to be a part of the beginning of this movement, and look forward to continuing to support newly certified B Corp businesses in the future.

Written by Nora Maxwell

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