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In the coming months we will be transitioning from Bodhi Surf School to Bodhi Surf + Yoga. In the seven years that we’ve been operational, we’ve evolved from a few surf instructors and a yoga teacher to being the first B Corp certified surf and yoga camp in the world, offering set-date, active, week-long, community engaged vacations. Over the years we’ve never wavered from our mission statement: to provide memorable travel experiences that facilitate learning through exposure to the people and environment of the place we call home. And we have learned the pinnacle of what we do and the culmination of what we believe in is a balanced combination of yoga, surf, community engagement, and nature immersion.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga Owners

Bodhi owners in 2011 and in 2016

The evolution of Bodhi

In 2010, we began building our brand as Bodhi Surf School to promote the more sought-after service for those traveling to Costa Rica. While we were always encouraging our guests to take advantage of the fact that we also offered yoga, we didn’t yet understand the best possible experience for our visitor was actually the combination of surfing and yoga, integrated in a holistic manner. As we’ve grown, learned, and matured, we’ve realized the ultimate product we can offer our guests is the combination of a strong foundation in both surfing and yoga. Our commitment remains to provide a strong foundation in both surfing and yoga, and through our experience we have found that our Bodhi Sessions surf and yoga camps to be the best way for us to meet this goal.

Bodhi Session is a 7-night camp that, with five sessions apiece, is really able to really delve into surfing and yoga — their histories, philosophies, and lifestyles — in a holistic way. Additionally, Bodhi is in the unique position of being able to offer top-notch, professional instruction for both, as the ownership of Bodhi is comprised of both surfers and yogis. Bodhi Sessions is truly the marriage of surfing and yoga to one another. In the two years that we’ve been offering our surf and yoga camps, we’ve witnessed our guests benefitting from doing both activities together — physically, mentally, and soulfully. And we as a company have realized that having surfing and yoga on equal footing, rather than mere add-ons to one another, has made us better and set us apart from our peers. We are firm believers that we should be true to what we believe in and what we offer; by adopting these changes into the way we are portrayed to the public we will become Bodhi Surf + Yoga — the truest reflection of who we are and what we believe in.

New Bodhi logo

What does this mean for Bodhi Surf + Yoga?

Changes are a comin’! We are about to roll out some very exciting modifications. The first, as mentioned, is to our name: we will now be Bodhi Surf + Yoga, and this will be changed across our social media profiles. We have also tweaked our logo — as you can see, the Bodhi wave icon hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just received a little makeover. Finally, we are in the midst of a website design change that will go live just as soon as it’s perfect. Again, we want to thank all of you, our past collaborators, customers, and guests; we have created a little family and are so humbled by all of you for your unwavering support over the years and hope to have you join us during 2018.

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