Warm Water Is A Beginner’s Best Friend

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Costa Rica surf lessonIn the beginning surfing takes commitment, persistence, and consistency; it’s something that takes time to learn and become good at. Not only do you have to learn to keep your balance on a surfboard that is on a surface in constant motion, but you also must develop an understanding for how the ocean functions. Which means you’ve got to spend time in the water; a lot of time in the water.

Surfing Made Easier in Warm Water

Having learned to surf in the warm waters of mainland Mexico, I was spoiled. Surfing was always an enjoyable activity regardless of the time of year or daily weather conditions. In the Summer the water is a bathtub-like 85 degrees, with perfect point break waves, and five friends to surf with. In the Winter the water drops to a tolerable 70 degrees, which seemed cold back then but now I’d take 70 degree water in California any time of the year.

These conditions made learning to surf pleasant and much, much easier.

Learn to Surf In Cold Water – Only If You Must

Unfortunately, for those living North of the Tropic of Cancer or South of the Tropic of Capricorn (which would be a majority of us) ocean conditions will not be as favorable for learning to surf as the ones I just described.

The reality is that learning how to surf, or just surfing for that matter, in cold water brings on a whole other set of challenges on top of mastering the skills needed to surf and become knowledgeable about the ocean. The cold is a significant factor which will:

  • cause your feet, and possibly hands, to go numb
  • give you “ice cream” headaches
  • require you to use to a wetsuit
  • limit the amount of time you can be in the water

Solution: Surf Vacations

Surfing is a challenge in itself, there doesn’t need to be any extra obstacles to overcome; so, give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy the sensation of riding waves and take a surfing vacation to somewhere warm.

Like I said, surfing takes commitment, what better way than to get away from everything and spend a significant amount of time in the ocean, catching waves, and learning to surf independently. It is often the case that we try to learn a new sport or hobby without truly dedicating the time and effort that it requires to fully enjoy it, so why not take a week and really give surfing a shot?

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