Thank You For Participating In Our Travelers’ Philanthropy Survey!

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About one month ago, we solicited the collective brain power of our past guests in order to help us formalize a Travelers’ Philanthropy program.

Many of you shared with us your experiences at Bodhi Surf School, your impression of the community, and invaluable suggestions for our soon-to-be-born Travelers’ Philanthropy program.

What We Learned from the Surveys

Learning about the community

Visitors learning about the community

Among the survey respondents, 18% said that they were familiar with the term “travelers’ philanthropy.” Their general perception of travelers’ philanthropy is that those are programs that promote meaningful community engagement and exchange rather than simply having guests write a check. About 60% of survey respondents were aware of Bodhi Surf’s engagement with the community, and most of them heard about our initiatives from our staff. More than three quarters of survey respondents said that they are interested in finding out about a travelers’ philanthropy program from our website, our staff members, decoration in our bungalow, and email follow-ups.

We also received very interesting suggestions for our travelers’ philanthropy program, and we are discussing the logistics of implementation and are excited to see these ideas being realized.

We want to extend a big thank you to those who took the time and effort to reflect and fill out our survey.

A Sneak Peak

Ocean Guardian Journey

We are in the last stages of finalizing program logistics. Without giving too much away pre-launch, I want to share with you that we have officially named our Travelers’ Philanthropy program the Ocean Guardian Journey.

Since we are located in a coastal community, every action we take or not take has an impact on the marine ecosystem. From a household decision to recycle to teaching sustainable business practices, from cleaning up the beach to using geospatial technology to comprehensively map and prevent trash dumping, Bodhi Surf School is committed to minimize the tourism carbon footprint and maximize positive impact for the ocean. We are improving elements of our surf and yoga packages to formalize the educational component and encourage philanthropy so that upon departure, guests will be inspired to commit themselves to daily behavioral changes to live greener. Guests will more profoundly understand how their actions are connected to the ocean, and those who commit to protecting the ocean will become Ocean Guardians. The process does not end with departure from Costa Rica. Our Ocean Guardians will stay engaged with the program by receiving educational material to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Some of our Ocean Guardians will become ambassadors of the cause and educate their friends and family about the ocean. It is our hope that this effort will be an ongoing journey to protect our planet.

We are very excited about the upcoming official launch of our Ocean Guardian Journey program. Stay tuned to find out more!

Shengxiao “Sole” Yu

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