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A fear of steep waves

The 5 Most Common Surfing Fears

Let’s face it, surfing is an intimidating pursuit. In surfing, unlike most other sports, the playing field is constantly shifting. There are no consistent boundaries, and all the rules are unwritten. What is more, surfing takes place in the ocean, an intimidating and powerful place far outside of most people’s comfort zone. In order to…
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Bodysurfing in Costa Rica

4 Ways Bodysurfing Makes You a Better Surfer

Bodysurfing undoubtedly makes you a better surfer and waterwoman. Learning to catch waves with little more than your body connects you in a very special way to the ocean, certainly. But there are other ways as well! We believe that, no matter what level you are at with board surfing (and especially if you are…
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Happiness in challence

Coping With Tough Times: A Daily Mantra For Positive Thinking

“Make of this situation an enjoyable experience.” -Daily Mantra For Positive Thinking During the Covid-19 lockdown, a very powerful thought came into my mind. In the midst of that a strange and difficult moment, when it felt as though normal life had been turned upside down, and many of us were stuck in high-stress situations–often…
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Epic Costa Rica Sunset

4 Cheap (or Free!) Activities in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

Coming to Bahia Ballena but don’t have much cash? These activities below can give you a rich, local experience without shoveling over a bunch of money. Costa Rica is a special place to be because life is just slower, and you have the ability to be so close to nature in everyday life. Catch the…
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Uvita Waterfall in Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica Safe: Common Travel Risks and How To Avoid Them

A common question we get asked is: “is Costa Rica safe?” We feel confident in saying that yes, Costa Rica is safe — safe enough that we recommend it to tourists of all types (families, solo or first-time travelers, etc.). Yet it can risky to make blanket statements for the entirety of the country. Despite…
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Mental benefits of yoga

Why Beginner Surfers Should Do Yoga

Yoga has become a popular choice as a complementary activity for athletes, and nowadays, athletes ranging from casual to professional in basketball, football, tennis, surfing, and more practice yoga regularly and see the benefits in their sport and other aspects of life. If you’re either thinking of learning to surf or perhaps have already been…
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