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Similarities between surfing and yoga

How Yoga and Surfing Help You to Be Present

Gary’s friend: “What do surfing and yoga have to do with one another?” Gary: “They both connect you to… everything.” Gary’s friend: “Hah — yeah, I’m gonna go get high this weekend too.” This interaction took place just before Gary, a recent guest at Bodhi Surf School, left for his Costa Rican vacation. When his…
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Yoga benefits for surfers

How My Yoga Practice Made Me a Better Surfer

For over ten years I have been living a love story with the ocean. Every time I went out past the waves and found myself in that quiet zone, I would feel more free and light, like I could spend hours hanging out there. I still remember that first wave I caught all the way…
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Bodhi Surf Camp kitchen

Introducing “Adrianne’s Kitchen”

If you’ve been to Bodhi Surf + Yoga or follow us on any of our social media channels, you may have already heard rumors of “Adrianne’s Kitchen”. Heard whisperings of Baked Banana Coconut French Toast and Homemade Granola or stories of Costa Rican fusion dinners at the Bodhi Lodge. But if you haven’t heard of…
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Why Choose Bodhi Surf Vvdeo

Why Choose Bodhi Surf & Yoga Camp (VIDEO)

At Bodhi Surf School, we are committed to being more than just a surf and yoga camp. During your time with us, we want to help spark a positive change: be that towards a healthier lifestyle, a stronger connection with nature, or a desire to reduce your impact on the ocean and our planet. Our goal is…
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Benefits of practicing yoga and surfing together

Surfing & Yoga: Together is Better!

Bodhi Sessions are our premier 7-day yoga and surf camp vacation choice for people who are committed to learning the ins and outs of surfing and advancing their yoga practice. Neither of these two skills are considered easy; and learning them takes time, patience, dedication, and hard work. However, practicing both simultaneously is so beneficial…
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Sunset at Bodhi Surf School

Why Saturday Is The Best Day Of The Week!

Everyone loves a good Saturday — it’s the first day of the weekend, it’s your “you day” — the one where you get to do exactly what you want to! The world is your oyster; save those chores for lazy Sunday. For us at Bodhi Surf School, Saturdays are also the best day of the week because…
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