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Bodhi Surf community projects

How Responsible Tourism Supports Human Rights

This is the conclusion of an eight-part series that examines how Bodhi Surf School ranks as an ecotourism destination; read parts six and seven, here. Throughout this series, we have analyzed how successfully Bodhi Surf School has embodied the principles of Ecotourism, as outlined by Martha Honey in “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise?”…
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Surf contest Costa Rica 2016

10 Ways to be an Ocean Guardian at the 2016 ISA World Surfing Games in Costa Rica

Interested in showcasing your environmental actions? In October, we will be giving away the grand prize of a Surf & Yoga Camp for 2 in our annual Ocean Guardian Contest. Check out the contest page here! One of the world’s biggest surf competitions is happening right now in Costa Rica, and Bodhi Surf School would love to…
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Local employees surf camp

Responsible Travel Immerses Visitors in Local Culture

Parts six and seven of an eight-part series that examines how Bodhi Surf School ranks as an ecotourism destination, read part five here This blog series has investigated how Bodhi Surf School has measured in respect to ecotourism, using the template of Martha Honey’s seven essential qualities of ecotourism from her book, “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development:…
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TIES ESTC Bodhi Surf School

Experiencing the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference

Over a year ago someone asked me, “What are your plans after graduation?” In a million years, I would have never thought my answer would be interning in Costa Rica for the summer. But here I am, listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore on the beautiful Marino Ballena National Park in…
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Surf and yoga camp sustainability

Evaluating a Surf and Yoga Camp’s Environmental Impact

Part three of an eight-part series that examines how Bodhi Surf School ranks as an ecotourism destination, read part two here Now that we have seen the beauty and natural importance of Bahia Ballena – Uvita, let’s look at how the folks at Bodhi Surf School strive to make that beauty and abundance last. Do they…
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Bahia Ballena de Osa, Costa Rica

Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica: Paradise for Nature Lovers

Part two of an eight-part series that examines how Bodhi Surf + Yoga ranks as an ecotourism destination, read part one here In her book, “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Who Owns Paradise?,” Martha Honey lists the characteristics of real ecotourism. In other words, how to know when you have found an authentic, environmentally-conscious business, or whether…
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Historical building Bahia Ballena

Get to Know Bahia Ballena: Community Walking Tour

Take a walking tour of Bahía Ballena, a community that went from being a small fishing village to one that borders a marine national park and relies heavily on tourism. Walk about the town with knowledgeable local guides and see places of archaeological and historical significance, learn about major developments from the 1960s up to…
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How a Surf and Yoga Camp Measures Up to “Ecotourism” Definition

Part one of an eight-part series that examines how Bodhi Surf School ranks as an ecotourism destination Two weeks ago, I was shoveling my truck out of knee-deep snow. Now, I am knee-deep in the warm water of the Pacific Ocean, about to set down a surfboard. My name is Sam Rose, and I am…
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Nonstop Flights to Costa Rica

Ecotourism is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether that means choosing a destination for its nature based activities, or making choices that allow you to have a lower carbon footprint, people are looking for “greener” vacations. To meet this demand, communities in beautiful regions of the world are opening tourism-based businesses and capitalizing upon the interest of…
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Bodhi Intern Studies Effects of Voluntourism

Read up about what the newest Bodhi intern, Sarah Coburn, is up to! Finding Bodhi Surf School About two years ago, I returned to my dorm around 10pm from my home away from home, Rocksport (the local climbing gym that I frequent in upstate New York), 20 minutes from my school, Skidmore College. I was exhausted…
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