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The Bodhi Cookbook Cover

The Bodhi Cookbook: Costa Rican Recipes, Guest Favorites, and More!

Today is a momentous occasion. Today is the day that, after at least five years of being in the works, the curtain opens on “The Bodhi Cookbook.” This was a project that was on my “to-do list” — a terrifying document indeed — for many years. Despite being an idea that seemed to have a…
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Hannah Walsh and Jazeen Hollings

The Bodhi Wave Documentary Production Begins!

The Bodhi Wave documentary film crew members, Jazeen Hollings and Hannah Walsh, arrived to Bahia Ballena at the beginning of December and launched right into production tasks: getting to know the area and Bodhi Surf’s service, scoping out potential film sites, attempting to shepherd all the Bodhi owners into one place for a meeting, meeting…
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TIES ESTC Bodhi Surf School

Experiencing the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference

Over a year ago someone asked me, “What are your plans after graduation?” In a million years, I would have never thought my answer would be interning in Costa Rica for the summer. But here I am, listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore on the beautiful Marino Ballena National Park in…
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Surf therapy

Surfing, a Metaphor for Life

Last year I read an article on MindBodyGreen that would change my life. The article was about someone’s experience interning at Bodhi Surf School in Uvita, Costa Rica. Reading that article made me want to be intern at Bodhi as well, and seeing as I was going to have a couple of months free from…
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Concrete Ocean Guardian actions

Ocean Guardians are Champions of Social Justice, Too

This is the fourth post in the series “Ocean Guardians We Admire”, read the third post here Our devoted readership may remember past intern, Shengxiao “Sole” Yu, who helped us design our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program back in 2014. In the years since, Sole has remained a consultant of sorts, a person who we have asked for suggestions, advice, and favors. Sole…
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Surf tourism class Bodhi Surf

Tara Ruttenberg: Analyzing the Impacts of Surf Tourism

This is the second post in the series “Ocean Guardians We Admire”, read the first post here Tara Ruttenberg was the winner of our first-ever Ocean Guardian Journey contest in 2013. When asked why she entered, Tara said, “I entered as a means to share a bit about the work we’re doing with our educational surf travel…
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