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Surf Lessons In A Marine National Park

Words by Adrianne

Ballena Marine National ParkOne of the greatest attractions we have in Bahia Ballena – Uvita is the Ballena Marine National Park. The park has a terrestrial extension of nearly half a square mile and a marine extension of nearly twenty-one square miles, and is one of the major tourist attractions in the South Pacific due to the number of humpback whales that migrate to its waters to give birth to their offspring.

Tourist Attraction And Classroom All-In-One

For Bodhi Surf School the park is not only a great attraction, it is our classroom. Being that our overarching goal is to stimulate awareness, the park is an area full of life and ongoing interactions, some obvious and others imperceptible, that exemplifies how we are all connected.

By operating within the park limits there are certain guidelines which we must follow in order to comply with the park’s conservation objectives. On the surface this may appear as an inconvenience when there are miles and miles of “free” beaches where we could give our lessons and not have to adhere to any additional guidelines. However, by choosing to provide surf lessons within this natural resource we form part of the community of service providers that operate out of Bahia Ballena who have a vested interest in preserving the local resources; we contribute directly to the park’s conservation; we have a “playing field” that can’t be recreated for our guests, a place to not only learn to surf but learn about the importance and intricacies of the marine ecosystem.

Spreading The Word

Regardless if you visit us for a single day or if you visit us on a multi-day surfing vacation package, we will be doing our best to have you leave Bahia Ballena in awe of the natural wonder that is the Ballena Marine National Park; and hopefully you will be compelled to share your experience with friends and family back home, spreading tidbits of information about how important it is to preserve our marine resources.


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