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At Bodhi Surf + Yoga, we always seem to have a lot to share. Through our website’s blog, we share updates, stories, travel advice, and so much more. On social media like Facebook and Instagram, we like to give a glimpse of our home and community via beautiful videos and images. Lately, our wonderful interns and in-house videographers have been churning out some truly awesome videos, which can be viewed on our Youtube channel. Every once and awhile, we are also featured on other publications such as B Corporation’s B the Change magazine, in Klean Kanteen’s Klean Voices campaign, and on Plastic Pollution Coalition. Collaboration is fun!

Yet it is in the podcast world that we have recently made our grand entrance! Read on to see some of the places Bodhi Surf + Yoga has been featured in podcasts.

Katie J of Wander Well Podcast

Wander Well Podcast

Katie J is a former intern and now neighbor of us here in Bodhi Surf + Yoga. We have watched in awe as she has built her brand from the ground up, and have been so pleased to be a part of her journey. Wander Well is dedicated to “empowering women to live their best lives by sharing the stories of women who already are”. Within the episodes, listeners are treated to stories of “wanderlust, self-care, obstacles, defeats, fears, love, wildness, motherhood and manifesting your heart’s deepest desires!” Project Bodhi on the Wander Well Podcast focuses on some of the amazing women who have visited us over the years and their transformational stories. Give these episodes a listen, and be sure to subscribe to Katie’s podcast! You are sure to want to continuously allow the soothing tone of her voice lull you into a magical place.

Listen here.

Adrianne Chandra Huff on Grow Ensemble Podcast

Grow Ensemble Podcast

While at the 2018 Champions Retreat in New Orleans, Adrianne (me) met Cory Ames, a driven entrepreneur, web marketing specialist, and impact-driven business aficionado. We stayed in touch post-conference and Cory invited me to be on his new podcast called Grow Ensemble. Needless to say, I was excited to try my hand at talking for an hour straight. Just kidding, anyone who knows me knows that talking for that long about something that I am passionate about “ain’t no thang”!

This interview in particular has three main takeaways according to the podcast’s website:

  • “How to leverage the unique opportunity available to the tourist and hospitality industry in extending a guest’s experience,
  • How to exceed guest expectations
  • And, the best ways to give back and make an impact with a business.”

I (Adrianne) was also featured in Grow Ensemble’s  round up episode, “50 Social Entrepreneurs Advice & Lessons Learned on Changing the World”  where they shared some of their “greatest hit clips” from the 2019 recording year. 

Listen here.

Travis Bays on Comensense Podcast

Comensense Podcast

A few years back (some might say it was at the cusp of the podcast mania that now envelops us) Travis also did a great podcast interview. It was with Bodhi friend and Advisory Board member, as well as Professor of Business and Hospitality Management at Endicott College in Massachusetts, Todd Comen. He described the interview on his Comensense Podcast as a “great conversation with Travis, who is thriving, doing what he loves while inspiring others and serving community. From the small town of Bahia Ballena in Costa Rica and their family run surf and yoga school, these guys are inspiring sharing, and teaching not only surf and yoga, but stewardship, change and caring”.

Listen here.

Listening to podcasts on vacation

Future podcast endeavors

Who knows what’s on the horizon for Bodhi Surf + Yoga when it comes to podcasts? We have had a lot of people suggest that we start our very own Bodhi podcast. This would be an interesting project to take on, considering the tropical background noise we have here at Bodhi. But it would be kind of cool, now wouldn’t it?

Either way, we will keep this blog updated as we get more of these under our belt. In the meantime, stay tuned for this upcoming Bodhi-featured podcast:

Happy listening!

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