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Sustainable ecolodgeBodhi Surf School would like to congratulate Bahia Aventuras and La Cusinga Eco Lodge for their continued efforts to improve their businesses based on sustainable models. For their great work they were recently recognized by a Rainforest Alliance service called Sustainable Trips; a service that features tour operators, hotels, and other businesses throughout Latin America and the Caribbean who have either been verified by independent sustainable tourism certification programs or by reputable organizations. The Sustainable Trips website offers travelers the opportunity to select hotels and tour operators that are committed to implementing sustainable tourism practices.

Community Business Examples

Bahia Aventuras and La Cusinga Eco Lodge serve as prime examples for other community businesses to follow. We are thrilled to work with both companies to offer our guests lodging at La Cusinga Eco Lodge and boat excursions with Bahia Aventuras.

About Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is an international conservation organization, that helps the tourism industry protect the environment and provide sustainable livelihoods, build travelers demand for sustainable tourism and enables them to travel responsibly, and promotes internationally sound standards for sustainable tourism.

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