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People often do a double-take when they hear “Bodhi Surf School”, for one of two reasons: they’ve never heard the word before or it sets off memories of a Hollywood film. The word “bodhi” is not a commonly used word in mainstream society, so people often find it weird or even difficult to pronounce. On the other hand, movie-enthusiasts and surfers are familiar with “Bodhi” because of a character in the the Hollywood surf flick “Point Break”.

At this point we can’t help but acknowledge the references to “Point Break”, and I’m sure we will have some fun with it down the road, but Patrick Swayze’s legendary character was not a motivating factor in deciding our business name. In fact, it was only a few days after the name was decided upon that Travis and I both realized what we had done.

Meaning of Bodhi

Bodhi is a word in both the Pali and Sanskrit languages which was traditionally translated as “enlightenment” due to its common usage within the context of Buddhism; however, ‘bodhi’ is also a technical term with multiple uses in Indian philosophies and traditions. A more accurate translation of bodhi is “awakening” or “to know”, which was the main motivation for using it as our surf school name.

Awaken The Surfer In You

As a surf school, we teach individuals how to surf and hopefully get them stoked on surfing. While it is likely that many of our guests’ surfing experience will not go beyond their surf lesson or vacation in Costa Rica, our goal is to “awaken your inner surfer”. By this we mean that our focus is to create, through surfing, an appreciation and awareness for the marine ecosystem from a surfer’s perspective. The oceans have ultimately become our world’s trash can. All our garbage, waste, and excess find their way into the sea in some way,shape, or form, and we would like to help change that.

For those surf students who do make surfing a part of their lives our goal is to contribute in the development of responsible surfers who are aware of environmental issues affecting our coastlines, actively participate and contribute in the improvement and protection of our oceans, and are respectful of others in the water, be it other surfers, body boarders, stand-up paddle boarders, swimmers, marine life, etc.

While we are confident that our students will learn to surf, it is promoting this concept of “being aware” which is the true challenge and at the root of what Bodhi Surf School is about. I will leave you with a quote from “Point Break”:

Surfing’s the source; it’ll change your life

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