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Family surf vacationPeople generally think that it’s our clients who leave here after a surf lesson/clinic, yoga class, or vacation feeling extremely stoked. That’s definitely true; we get many emails from people after they’ve left saying how much they didn’t want to leave, and generally how revived they feel after their Costa Rican vacation. However, a lesser-known fact is how we feel after people leave — especially those who stay longer and who we spend quite a bit of time with, but even those we met only briefly.

Our Perspective

So how do we feel? We are stoked! I’m not sure how it has happened, but we’ve had only the most awesome of people patronize our little surf and yoga school. People who have such a good time doing yoga, surfing, and even community service, and who don’t hesitate to tell us how much fun they are having. These are people who may have felt nervous, or apprehensive, or just generally unsure about what they were getting themselves into at the beginning, but they pushed themselves and did something that they were not used to, and they found out that they loved it.

We are all incredibly lucky to have the job that we have, and not *just* because we are in one of the most beautiful areas of one of the most special countries in the world. It’s because we get to meet you guys, all you awesome people who, in your little corners of the world are also doing amazing things with your lives. We are lucky because we get to meet you, and hang out with you, and get to know you a little bit. And in turn, we are inspired by you, reassured that we are on the right path, and motivated to keep doing what we are doing and to keep getting better.

So thank you clients of Bodhi Surf School, for keeping “the stoke” alive in all of us!

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