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We were stoked to announce the much anticipated results from our second annual My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest yesterday morning. It was our second year running the contest, and we had some interesting and exciting results: a number of fantastic entries in the Actions Category, and no entries in the Ideas Category, (perhaps an indicator of less talk, more action?). It was a tough call for our judging panel, and it came down to the wire.

My Ocean Guardian Journey contest 2014

The results

In 3rd place, we had Eric Ross Salazar for his work helping to protect vulnerable marine animal species and their habitats in the south Pacific of Costa Rica with the NGO, Fundacion MarViva. For his hard work, he won a hard cover copy of the New York Times bestseller book, Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols!

In 2nd place, we saw David Byers of French Broad River Academy for the his bi-national upstream-downstream service learning program for youth and its corresponding awareness campaign. For his efforts, he won a free 2-Day Surf Clinic for two people, plus a hard cover copy of one of Bodhi’s favorite books, Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols.

And in 1st place, we were stoked to see Chantal Plamondon taking the win for the creation of her company, Life Without Plastic which offers hundreds of plastic-free products and raises awareness about using plastic alternatives for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. For her hard work, she won a 7-Day Yoga and Surf Vacation with us here in Bahia Ballena!

Stay tuned to learn more about the contestants and their entries…

We want to thank everyone who entered the 2014 My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest. We’re delighted to have so many wonderful global stewards in our network: normal people who go above and beyond in their every day lives to make the planet a better, healthier, more viable place for the plants, animals, and humans who reside on it.

With that said, we were so inspired by all of the entries this year, and we want to share them so that they can motivate others to start or further their own Ocean Guardian Journeys. So stay tuned, as we will be publishing all of the entries on the Bodhi Blog in the months to come!

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