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Hey Ocean Guardians! We sure are happy to see that you’re back for more tips, and the earth is too! Last time, we talked about how you can get creative and make your own cleaning products or find biodegradable products so that we don’t pollute our planet. In our final blog of tips, we will be talking about low-impact transportation methods (and it doesn’t have to be in an earth green Prius, we promise).

Here at Bodhi, we are all for supporting the idea that one person’s actions can have a lasting impact. However, we also know that there is strength in numbers. When it comes to protecting our Mother Earth, we’re all in this together. When we join forces, we create a community of citizens that can work as a larger mechanism to drive change. One way to drive change is literally through driving! We can alter our transportation habits to reduce our footprints (and make real footprints)!

Carpooling at Bodhi as low-impact transportation

Carpooling, Bodhi Surf + Yoga-style

Places to be, people to see, and things to do

Our world is busy and fast paced — it rarely slows down. How is it possible for us to have these go-go-go lifestyles? Transportation!

Modern transportation is awesome. It gives us the freedom to expand our borders and experience new landscapes. However, we need to be mindful about how and how often we travel. Planes, trains, cars, and motorized boats all contribute to air pollution, greenhouse gases, and resource depletion. When we step into our personal cars and get on the road, we add to the billions of vehicles pumping pollutants into the atmosphere. To better ourselves and the environment, it is time that we shift our thinking from “what is easiest?” to “what is best”?

9 modes of low-impact transportation

  1. Walking
  2. Biking
  3. Public transportation
  4. Ride sharing
  5. Carpooling
  6. Scooters
  7. Skateboarding
  8. Rollerblading
  9. Segways

If you can’t avoid driving — carpool!

Carpools may seem like an inconvenience or a burden to have to organize. But think back to the times you have been stuck in traffic, only to look around and see yourself surrounded by a sea of cars with one driver in them? How big of an inconvenience was that? Now consider that according to the 2013 census, around 76% of people traveling to work drove alone. As a collective, that is a whole lot of time lost!
Carpooling saves money, reduces carbon emissions, reduces wear and tear on your car, gives you time to socialize, and minimizes the number of car clogging up the roads. Let’s start re-evaluating our commuter habits and enjoy each other while we do it! Below are some tips to help you organize a carpool.

  • GroupCarpool: an easy-to-use option for organizing carpools with a user-friendly interface and email notifications
  • Zimride: a ride-sharing platform for companies and universities
  • Waze Carpool: Download the app and get matched up with a rider or driver in your area to split the rides and the costs and help protect the environment

Maintain an efficiently running vehicle

As car owners, we need to take responsibility for the impact that our vehicles have on the environment. By taking steps to ensure our cars are running in optimal condition and maintaining their operating efficiency, we can limit our carbon emissions. Below are some tips to make you a responsible owner!

  1. Upkeep your vehicle: follow the manufacturer’s’ service and repair recommendations to keep your vehicle operating at its optimum level
  2. Drive wisely: our driving affects the vehicle’s fuel economy, so avoid sudden starts and stops and drive the speed limit
  3. Check the tire pressure once a month: having the correct tire pressure can improve gas mileage by 3.3%
  4. Do not top off: stop filling up your car with fuel once the nozzle shuts off — topping off can release harmful vapors into the environment
  5. Lighten your load: our vehicles are not meant to be an extra closet or storage unit, so remove any unnecessary items

Commuting the fun way

Kids do physical activity “just for fun”, because they enjoy using their bodies and feel energized by playing. Who said that stops when you grow up? Let’s grab that pogo-stick from the garage and give ourselves a good laugh, bike to our friends’ houses, walk to the market, and enjoy an alternative way of commuting! It is a privilege to own a car and with privilege comes great responsibility. So let’s join together and take care of the planet and reduce our impact!

And on that happy note, we are happy to announce that the 2018 Ocean Guardian Contest starts next week! We hope your journey through these blogs has inspired you to cultivate new habits all while having fun and expressing creativity. We cannot wait to see how your individual action is changing the world!

Written by Kerry Dunn

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