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Bodhi Surf + Yoga is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2020! In honor of this, we are offering a discount (of sorts) — the “Take it or give it” discount for all adult prices on any of our vacation packages. Either take the 10% off, or give it back to Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s community of Bahia Ballena via the SOMOS Foundation! Book a vacation now, and come celebrate this momentous occasion with us!

10 Years, 10% Off — “Take it or give it”

We want to express our deep gratitude on our 10th anniversary, both to our faithful guests as well as our home community, so we are offering a discount (of sorts). We’re calling it “take it or give it”: we will extend a 10% discount to any adult guest who books a Bodhi Surf + Yoga vacation package and visits in 2020. You can either take it and apply it to your vacation OR you can give it back to our community of Bahia Ballena via the SOMOS Foundation.

Take it…

If you want to take the discount, here are a few details you should know.

  • Discount not applicable for blackout and/or closed dates
    • September 26 – October 23, 2020
    • November 7 – 14, 2020
    • November 21 – 28 2020
    • December 19 2020 – January 2nd, 2021
  • Discount applies only to adult price on vacation packages
  • Discount not applicable combined with any other discounts

Or give it…

In case you do not want to take the 10% off, and would rather give it back to our community, you may be wondering: what is the SOMOS Foundation? Founded and based in Costa Ballena, the SOMOS Foundation is a unique vehicle for community development. It works to connect the dots between public and private needs and resources, and invests in high-impact programs and services.

Note that Bodhi Surf + Yoga already donates approximately 1% of earnings on every single vacation sold to SOMOS via our Travelers’ Philanthropy Program. Since the program’s inception in 2013, we have been able to contribute to some great work in our community. Now, with SOMOS as the recipient organization, we’re happy to see that our collective donations are greatly amplified!

What elements comprise an epic tale? Hope, excitement, adventure, love, victory, hardship, pain, bloodshed, tears, heartbreak, learning, transformation, peace? All of the above? If that’s true, Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s first 10 years have been an epic tale indeed. And we’re beyond excited to be here, standing at the brink of a new decade — both in time, and in our own history.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica

The Bodhi Surf + Yoga Lodge in Bahia Ballena

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Gratitude is a theme that runs deep at Bodhi Surf + Yoga. We are beyond grateful to have reached this milestone, and recognized that it has been a lot of work and collaboration from many individuals and organizations. We owe so much to our communities — both local and global. Through the course of this experience, we have grown, evolved, and changed for the better. Let’s take a look back at some of the major moments in the history of Bodhi Surf + Yoga…

Timeline of the development of Bodhi Surf + Yoga


  • Travis and Gibran meet in Madrid, Spain, and bond over their love of surfing, entrepreneurship, and doing good (also, lots of partying — they were on a semester abroad in Spain, after all!)
Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founder, Travis Bays

Travis Bays in the late 2000s


  • Travis starts his Peace Corps service in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica
  • Gibran visits Travis in Bahia Ballena, the concept of starting a surf school together is first released (at least, verbally) into the world
Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founders

Gibran and Travis Reading from the Bible


  • Gibran and Adrianne meet and get together in Gibran’s hometown of San Blas, Mexico
Bodhi Surf + Yoga Co-founder, Pilar Salazar

Pilar in the late 2000s


  • Gibran and Adrianne move to, and get married in, San Diego, California
Bodhi Co-Founder Adrianne giving surf lessons

Adrianne giving surf instruction in the early 2010s


  • Travis and Pilar meet and get together in San Jose, Costa Rica
Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founders with daughter, Maya

Maya Paz in her first year


  • Travis and Pilar get married, the four begin discussions of starting a company together in Bahia Ballena where Travis and Pilar are now living
Construction of Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Pilar, Maya, Coco, and Cali oversee construction


  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga (in its initial phase) is born!
  • Travis and Pilar legally form the company Bodhi Surf S. A. and begin operating it on the ground, using the Bahia Aventuras boat tour office (kindly loaned to us from our friend, the late Walter Brenes) as a meeting place for surf lessons
  • Gibran and Adrianne work remotely from San Diego on the website and marketing
Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge

Construction process begins!


  • Travis and Pilar’s first daughter, Maya Paz, is born
  • The first Bodhi Surf + Yoga vehicle is purchased
  • Gibran and Adrianne make the trek down from California to live in Bahia Ballena
Bodhi co-founder Travis Bays with daughter Maya

Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founder and family


  • The idea of having their own surf and yoga camp comes to fruition, with the purchase of a piece of land that is connected to Travis and Pilar’s existing land
  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s second vehicle (still going strong!), Merlot, is added to the team
Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founders

Bodhi co-founders with new surf mobile, Merlot


  • Completion of Travis and Pilar’s home, the Bodhi Shambala Yoga Studio, and Bungalow Gratitud are built
  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga begins offering its own customizable surf and/or yoga vacations
  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga updates its mission statement: “to provide memorable travel experiences that facilitate learning through exposure to the people and environment of the place we call home”
First phase of Bodhi Surf + Yoga complete

Adrianne jumping for joy!


Second phase of Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge construction

The second phase of the Bodhi Surf + Yoga lodge in process


  • Travis and Pilar’s second daughter, Clea James, is born
  • Bodhi Sessions week-long surf + yoga camp (Bodhi Sessions) is created and begins running
Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-founder Travis Bays with second daughter Clea

Travis and new baby, Clear


  • The last structure (Phase 3) is completed, which has two staff rooms and area and a surfboard room
  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga achieves B Corp certification


Bodhi Surf + Yoga camp pool

The much-needed addition of the pool



  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga gains its 1% for the Planet membership and is honored with the “2019 B Corp Best for the World: Community” award
  • Kava, Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s second vehicle, is purchased
  • Bodhi Surf + Yoga parts ways with one of its original founding members, Gibran
  • The team is the largest it’s ever been, with several local full-time staff, international staff, and a host of contract workers
Bodhi Surf + Yoga team

Going into 2020 with the dream team!


  • Not sure what this year will bring, but energetically we feel better than we’ve ever felt, with a dream team, kickass products, and the best attitudes!
Bodhi Surf + Yoga Co-Founders

Can’t wait to see you! ~Travis, Pilar, Adrianne, Maya, and Clea

2020 — A Year of Celebration

To conclude: it’s been a wild ride. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed, participated, and been a part of our journey. We stand here today, at the brink of a new decade, and we couldn’t be more proud and humbled. It’s been one of the wildest rides of our lives, and we wouldn’t change a thing. To the next 10 years — we are so excited. We invite you to book a vacation now and come celebrate with us in person in 2020!

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