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To get more information on the 2016 Ocean Guardian Contest (for which we will be giving away the grand prize of a Surf & Yoga Camp for 2!) check out the contest page here

They started with a mission, wanting to find a non-toxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles. In 2004, Klean Kanteen introduced their first stainless steel and reusable water bottle, with the aim to replace plastic bottles with an option that lasts. And 12 years later, they are still innovating.

The California-based company is family-owned and works to bring benefits to people and places they touch, finding solutions for social change by designing affordable products that can prevent huge amounts of single-use waste. Their work keeps a great deal of plastic from entering our waterways, and ultimately, our oceans.

We are happy to be able to have them as partners in our 2016 Ocean Guardian Contest.

Ocean Guardian Contest 2016 donor

8 ways Klean Kanteen helps us to protect our planet

Here are the top eight reasons how Klean Kanteen helps to protect our oceans and waterways:

1. Using environmentally friendly materials

Making a commitment to health and sustainability, Klean Kanteen only uses designs and materials that are environmentally responsible. The bottles come in different shapes and forms, designed to keep drinks both hot and cold. The company uses double-wall vacuum insulation and cap designs to achieve excellent thermal performance and are safe and healthy for both consumer and planet.

2. Building long-lasting products

The goal is to reduce single use — plain and simple. Klean Kanteen wants you to use (and use, and use) their bottles, cups, and canisters until there is no life left in them — so they design their products to last for a very long time. Many of the products are recyclable, too.

3. Working towards being a more sustainable company

Klean Kanteen is constantly striving to be a model and leader of sustainability; which, basically, means they want to be a company that gives more than they take. It’s a journey that requires constant research how their business is operating and how they can make positive changes for the environment and society.

4. Supporting the local community

The company donates products to local organizations and schools to use in events and fundraisers. They provide water stations with free, clean/filtered water at local events and family-friendly celebrations. They also sponsor or participate in many different events.

Bodhi Surf's Ocean Guardian Pledge

5. Reducing single use waste

Klean Kanteen is creating solutions to the problem of single-use waste by designing products to replace objects like single-serve packaged water and to-go cups. They extend their partnerships with organizations that work to educate, raise awareness, inspire new behavior, and reduce the waste that’s already out there.

6. Providing access to clean drinking water

Klean Kanteen partners with organizations like American Rivers to address the issues around polluted waterways. Their reasoning: if the tap water isn’t clean and safe, people can’t rely on reusable vessels to stay hydrated.

7. Tracking and reducing their carbon footprint

Since early 2009, Klean Kanteen has worked with renewable energy providers to reduce their environmental footprint. Their partners have helped them keep track on the electricity use and also the carbon footprint of the shipping for the online store. The company purchases a combination of Renewable Energy Certificates, energy created from renewable sources like wind and solar, and carbon offsets equal to their use.

8. Having a “green” shipping program

For each shipment, Klean Kanteen offset 50 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is as much as three trees can absorb in one year, or opting to bike instead of driving 45 miles. Over the course of one year, the thousands of green shipments they offset are like planting 150,000 trees, recycling over 1,000,000 pounds of newspaper, or not driving 2,250,000 miles.

Bodhi Surf Ocean Guardian Contest 2016

Klean Kanteen contributes to the #OGC2016

Klean Kanteen will be donating insulated bottles and tumblers for our participants.

The insulated bottles make for a great environmental education gift for friends, co-workers, and family members. Helping your network to replace plastic bottle consumption is what Klean Kanteen does best. They are long-lasting, have a klean design, are built with safe materials, and have a lifetime Strong-as-Steel Guarantee. Also important to note: they keep drinks either cold or hot — water, coffee, beer, whiskey, smoothies, kombucha and any other favorite drink, whether it be cold, hot, or carbonated. At Bodhi we like the quiet storm and winter lake colors as they remind us of Mother Ocean.

In addition to the insulated bottles, Klean Kanteen will be donating one of their most popular products, the insulated tumblers; excellent for enjoying a Costa Rican coffee in the morning or a cold beer in the evening. As always, the Klean products are built to last and backed by their Strong-as-Steel Guarantee.

Plastic-free tourism destination

We are stoked to have Klean Kanteens support the 2016 Ocean Guardian Contest and look forward to working with them during 2017 on the Bahia Ballena Plastic Free Coalition, moving our tourism destination toward becoming “plastic free”.

Written by Anastasia Konstadinidis

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