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New Year’s resolutions. Many of us make them, and out of those, a good portion of us allow them to dwindle off several months into the New Year, easing back into our familiar routines. Making real, lasting lifestyle changes is a very difficult feat indeed. While we want a new year to mark a new start, sometimes it’s simply not enough; because the fact is, our thoughts, attitudes, and actions don’t change drastically from December 31st to January 1st of any given year. In order to make true and long-term changes in our lives, we need a big event — one that makes us excited, inspired, and to see the world with fresh eyes. We need to have our socks blown off, just a little bit. And that’s what you are looking for, then you’re in luck, because at Bodhi Surf School, we specialize in blowing people’s socks off.

Beginning of a new era

Looking to begin a new era

We know that people are looking to be inspired when they travel, and that the experiences that they have when they go to a new place are extremely memorable — perhaps even life-changing. At some point, we started thinking… since we’re at this unique place, why not capitalize on the opportunity and help people make those positive life changes that they are seeking? Whether those are to be more physically active, eat better, stress less, incorporate more spiritually into our lives, un-clutter our minds, reduce our impact on the planet, or live our passions — we can help.

Using what we we love and are good at, surfing and yoga, we have designed a dream vacation that appeals to people of all walks of life. In fact, though we host people from all over the world, from different age groups, professions, and belief systems, all of our guests seem to share one main attribute: they are open to learning and being inspired. They may even be seeking it. Because really, what better place to be reenergized than at a surf and yoga camp in one of the most pristine regions of one of the happiest countries in the world? There are many elements at play: nature immersion, education, physical and mental challenge, personal introspection, healthy and low-impact living, and introduction to new people and concepts, to name a few.

Healthy lifestyle choices

Bodhi Sessions, inspiring life changes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a little incentive to make positive lifestyle changes, we’ve already determined that it often takes a big event in order to make them, and it’s much better that it be a positive one. Even better yet, why not have a fun, warm, beach-side vacation experience that engages the senses and also has the potential to spark the soul. All you need to bring is an open mind, a positive learning attitude, and of course the necessary items from our Bodhi packing list.

When you sign up for Bodhi Sessions, know that you are vacationing with a purpose — and more than one purpose, actually. We have designed these vacations to do the following for our guests:

  • Provide solid understanding of both the philosophy and practice of surfing and yoga, as well as ample time and opportunity to put this into practical use
  • Promote community engagement through experiential learning and observation
  • Facilitate memorable experiences that provide a connection to nature and the ocean
  • Be a place for where people from different places and cultures can meet, where adventures are right around the corner, and where there are many laughs to be had!

Learning to surf resolution

We look forward to seeing you in 2017 and helping you make those changes that you (whether you have realized it yet or not) are interested in making. And in doing so, you will inadvertently help us make those changes that we are interested in making, and keep us motivated moving forward. Because here’s the twist: while we love to blow people’s socks off, we are also looking to having our socks blown off, too.

From the entire Bodhi team — Happy New Year, everyone!

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