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Bodhi Surf School is looking to formalize a Travelers’ Philanthropy program, and we are calling on our past guests to help to make it as impactful as possible. Travelers’ philanthropy programs aim to connect interested travelers with opportunities to contribute to positive development in the places that they become acquainted with and grow to love on their vacation.

Purpose of Travelers’ Philanthropy Programs

Community service in Bahia Ballena

Visitors helping with local service projects

Travelers’ philanthropy has existed for as long as travel has, and formalized programs are starting to see increased popularity as global interconnectedness brings cultures closer together. It can be seen the travel sector’s “ethical consumerism” — the action of putting one’s dollar towards something that would be purchased regardless, but mindfully directing it to create a dual effect of benefiting the consumer as well as something greater. Even more appealing for the consumer is that travelers’ philanthropy allows them to physically see what their time/money/help is going towards. It has several possible overall effects:

  • forging a connection between the traveler and their destination
  • benefits such as money, knowledge, or services to the destination community that may be otherwise difficult to attain
  • a sense of wellbeing and reconnection with humanity for the traveler

Bodhi Surf and Travelers’ Philanthropy

Keeping the beach clean

Bi-weekly beach cleanup and surf lesson

From our inception, we have built Bodhi Surf School with the intention of using our position to have a positive impact on the community in which we operate and ultimately, (our inner-idealists hope), the world as a whole. We have learned that there are many ways this can be done: literally getting our hands dirty hosting bi-monthly beach cleanups; sharing our knowledge and areas of specialty with the community via our community yoga program and surf lessons; and serving as a connector for visitors who have an interest in contributing time, energy, capital, or more to other community-based initiatives. Sometimes, being small-business owners/operators means we don’t have time to do all of the beneficial projects that we come across or dream up ourselves; sometimes, investing our time into being facilitators and giving travelers this opportunity may actually be the best use of our position and resources. And that is our fundamental hope for the Bodhi Surf School Travelers’ Philanthropy program.

How You Can Help

Visitors learning about Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

Visitors learning about the community

With the support of the Costa Rica-USA Foundation and its U.S. affiliate, Amigos of Costa Rica, Bodhi is in the process of designing and launching our Travelers’ Philanthropy program. In order to better understand the motivations and desires of a “typical” Bodhi Surf School guest and thereby make this program as effective as possible, we are conducting a survey of all past guests. The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete — if more people take it, our information will be more accurate, and we will be able to design a more successful program.

Ultimately, we want to use our position as a tourism business that attracts guests from all over the world to do something positive for the community in which we operate. We hope that in doing so, we will be able to help preserve and protect what the community believes is beneficial while changing or bettering what needs to grow. We are aware that huge impacts are possible even via small personal contributions when enough people participate, so that is what we are now asking of you!

Here is a link to the survey: Bodhi Surf School Travelers’ Philanthropy Program Survey

Team Bodhi Surf thanks you!

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