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Outside the Lens Expo San DiegoOutside the Lens (OTL), a local San Diego nonprofit that works to improve literacy and technological skills among underserved youth, currently has one of their projects on display at the San Diego Airport which features Grupo SURF Costa Rica!

Objective of the Water in Focus Program

OTL’s Water In Focus program “is a global photography project that calls youth to action as they document the use, waste, conservation and pollution of our most precious resource through words and images.” The program’s curriculum is aimed at betting young students to become aware of the water issues that affect society.

Water in Focus ExpoOverview of the Water in Focus Program

Students are first asked to go out and take photographs of water in their community, which will be used as a catalyst for dialogue and writing. Once students have the photographs they are asked to think about the importance of water and discuss important topics regarding issues like accessibility to clean water, water shortages, water rights, and more. To help participants through the analytical process they are given a number of questions to reflect upon and discuss, some of the questions include:

  • Where does your water come from?
  • How is water used and where does it go afterwards?
  • How is water wasted?
  • Who owns water?
  • How much does water cost?
  • Who has access to clean water?
  • What can we do to preserve clean water, our oceans, lakes, and rivers?

During the picture-taking and creative process participants are also encouraged to discuss photography terms.

Water in Focus program artNext comes the writing aspect of the program. Students are asked to select from a number of writing options such as:

  • Haiku poetry
  • Free write
  • Original poem
  • Create a slogan
  • Write a news article

Participants may then submit their work, both photography and writings, to Outside the Lens for inclusion in their virtual mural.

Check out the official Water in Focus program outline here (PDF version), or visit the Water in Focus webpage on the Outside the Lens website.

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